Dealing with anxiety caused by lockdown |
Dealing with anxiety caused by lockdown

Dealing with anxiety caused by lockdown

15 Jul, 2020

The virus, the lockdown, social distancing – all of this has been making a lot of people anxious. It is especially difficult for people who already suffer from anxiety and are usually on the edge. Not just anxiety, the situation is also causing behavioral issues and even depression in people. So what do you do and how do you cope? Hasina Delawala, a Behavioral Counsellor, says that staying grounded helps in keeping calm and dealing with anxiety.  She says that you should either figure out coping mechanisms for yourself, or seek help from professionals. She shares a few ways you can feel centered and peaceful when feeling anxious.

  • Indulge in activities that help you relax: It is a no-brainer that activities such as yoga, meditation, taking a walk (provided it’s safe), listening to music, cooking and eating healthy food, reading a good book, or talking to friends are a few things that are instant pick-me-ups. Find what works for you and practice that.
  • Soothe yourself: When you experience yourself feeling anxious, your breathing becoming heavy, your chest clenching, palms sweating, or you breaking into cold sweat – do this one thing, place your hand on your chest. It is a great way for soothing yourself. You can also focus on your breathing to stay in the present and feel calm. Focus on your breathing, try to control your breathing and stay in the present.
  • Analyse and address the problem: Now is a very good time to analyse your issues, triggers, ways of coping, and how everything affects your life. Once you understand the problem as a whole, it becomes easier for you to take corrective measures. Seek out help from professionals who can help you understand your issues, and can best guide you on how you can manage it. They will also help you work on building your confidence.

As the saying goes, beauty lies within one’s own self, thus one should explore the potentials and learn to adopt  methods to improve one’s self to cope with the hard times. The lockdown is making us all face various difficult situations, but we will find positive ways to come out of them and bring joy to ourselves and others around us.

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