Do you have an unreasonable body pain? Please keep your emotions in check. |
Do you have an unreasonable body pain? Please keep your emotions in check.

Do you have an unreasonable body pain? Please keep your emotions in check.

24 Jun, 2019

The other day, as I met a long-lost friend for a cup of coffee, she was trying to tell me about how she is undergoing a lot of physical pain. The recurrent leg pain, the stomach pain, that unreasonable lower backache and all those mood-swings that grow bothersome with time and so on.  As I was trying to tell her to visit a doctor, I realized that all her medical tests were absolutely fine that indicated that the physical pain was to be caused by an emotional trigger. Well, to begin with, it was a clear case of emotional pain!

Emotional Pain? Really…

Have you ever met those people who, in their personal lives may be really troubled? Like you know those classic examples of a bad marriage. These people might crib their heart out but will get back to living in the same situation. No, I’m not talking of those who have no other option but to be completely dependent in this marriage but those, who can definitely live otherwise but choose to remain. That emotional pain– is an ADDICTION. A lot of us feel this pain and don’t know why it is caused and most of us are addicted to this pain and don’t know how to resolve it.

Well, for starters, it is REAL and it exists. For those who literally think this is a piece of fiction, I’m SORRY it’s not. Each of us today carry a lot of baggage. Whether it is the guilt of not being able to catch up with your family or that anger you have been carrying for years now- NEEDS TO BE DISMISSED.

The emotional baggage that you carry with you like a smart backpack, needs to be thrown away. A lot of researches show that most of us, get habituated to a certain emotion. Be it sadness or anger that, over a period of time, if left unattended or unresolved, turns into physical pain. Oh, can you feel that neck pain more prominently now? What you need to resolve then are the deceit and lies that you have carried all along. Do you suffer from skin ailments? Address the fears you have wrapped around you. Here are 4 of the most common emotional pains:

    1. Sadness: When we say sadness, we mean all the bottled up feelings of grief and disappointment. Do you constantly feel drained? Chock with emotions and feel a sudden lack of energy? The pain or numbness or heaviness in your limbs could be that.
    2. Anxiety: Is your child suffering from sudden anxiety? That tendency to startle easily and inability to relax could be a clear indication of clutter in the head. Each of our emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety releases adrenaline and can be quite troublesome, if not released on time.
    3. Shame/ Guilt: I find this quite sad. As a kid, do you remember being told that you must feel ‘ashamed’ for not completing that homework? Have you have realized that we use the term shame very loosely. Inducing of shame and guilt isn’t cool. The unresolved guilt or shame could cause pain in the stomach. It can cause chronic pain or even an addiction. For those who feel nauseatic quite often or have stomach disorders, this could be the cause.
    4. Anger: Pent up anger is one of the worst things ever. Anger releases adrenaline in our body. When you don’t release it out, you will feel that muscle tension or issues of breathing. You might feel that uneasiness in you and the only way to end this is to open up.

What is the solution

Well, now that you have realized that each of our pain may be a result of one misplaced emotion, we must know what to do about it- LET GO. Let go of those things that has bothered you all along. Let the resentment, sorrow, anger, disgust, fear just go away. When you stop having a negative reaction towards everything around you, you start thinking in a better fashion. Remember, you alone can overcome your pain.

MEDITATE. No, we aren’t kidding you. When you meditate, you literally begin to let go more easily. Sit down and meditate for about 40 days consistently and I assure you, you’ll feel much better.

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