Does your childhood hold the answers to your fears? |
Does your childhood hold the answers to your fears?

Does your childhood hold the answers to your fears?

22 Aug, 2019

What if I told you that your fear of dogs was something that you carried from your childhood? What if I said that your anxiety, fear, laughter and almost every emotion you carry along is a result of your upbringing and childhood? Would you believe me?

Childhood and personality

“When we are children we seldom think of the future….,” quotes the famous American author Patrick Rothfuss in his famous work, ‘The Name of the Wind.’ When was the last time you looked at your child and thought to yourself about how similar you were in your childhood?

Probably, the last week? Or the week before? Maybe yesterday or today. The fact is, each of us look at our children as a piece of ourself and that, just explains why the time spent with them makes us happy. Your childhood hence is a key to a lot of things.

Be it about who you are or what your beliefs are, are formed when you are a kid. As you grow, you start adding layers to your personality- and not actually changing anything about those memories. That is why, as I began to talk to Radhika Deshpande, a gold medalist from Life Research Academy (Hyderabad) and a much sought-after PLR Presenter, a lot of things that seemed a mystery, came to life. 

Age- regression as a therapy

Let’s admit it, most of us don’t know about what is age regression. And clearly, have no idea as to what it can be used for.

Likewise, before talking to her, I knew nothing about this. But as I researched and spoke to her, I realized it is one of the most sought-after therapies today.

“Most of our personality is formed between the age of 2-8 years. That’s why the thoughts that you form then or the impression you create about things at that age, subconsciously or consciously form the basis of your overall personality,” said Deshpande.

“You can’t be this careless in life. This is such a horrible mistake,” is a common statement that you might have heard from your parents at least fifty times in all. Statements such as these can have a really negative impact on them. Not sure how? Read on to find more.

This could be you

A 20-year-old girl walked into a clinic with a fear of laughing dolls. “When she came to me initially it seemed like a fear that had to be treated at the earliest. I treated her with age regression. And what unfolded was a very interesting story,” added Deshpande.

As this girl sat down for regression, it was unveiled that when she was 3 years of age, she was alone in her room and watched a horror film based on dolls. “The impression it created on the mind of this toddler, almost shaped her entire fear and actions thereon.” While it is true that this is a very simple example of how your childhood can shape you, you must realize that this therapy is getting popular these days and can solve your woes like financial issues, phobias, relationships troubles, etc. too.

How can age regression therapy heal you?

When you are in your childhood, maybe someone told you something like, “you seem to have grown up to be fat.” Now a statement like this is simple yet devastating. As a child, whatever you hear from your parents is gospel truth. You will, by default, believe that to be true. You will then shape your life around this statement. Say you will dress a certain way to avert the fat to show (whether or not that is true). You will shape your thoughts to validate that statement.

Which is how you end up in many difficult situations. As you undergo the age regression therapy, you start exploring the root cause of these fears, which then can be healed.

“Once you know the root cause of your fear or problem, we work on healing and transforming them,” said Deshpande.

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