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#EmbraceChange: How can you embrace and accept change?

#EmbraceChange: How can you embrace and accept change?

25 Sep, 2019

Have you ever had this feeling where everything is in a place where it works perfectly well for you and now you fear any change that can disturb it? So much that fear takes over most thoughts and we are living in the ‘what if’ world?

That is the thing about change. Change is inevitable and change is going to happen – so how are we equipping ourselves to deal with it? With positivity or anxiety? We got this or we have no damn clue? We will grow with it or we will crumble under it? This isn’t just about being prepared about the next moment, this is being prepared for life and how we can in that evolve and be our highest potential. 

So, here are some phases of ‘change’ that I think we all need to look into:

  1. First, let us have the right story about ‘change’:  What is the story we are telling ourselves about change? When we tell the right story, we have a different attitude about it. This was my biggest learning – how I coped with change was my story. Instead of ‘oh my god’, I reflected on what can change mean to me 
  • It is evolution – without this, I’ll be the same person all my life! How boring is that?
  • It is new and adventurous – change can bring variety! So why not? Don’t I like new things??
  • It is like education, we learn – yes! Have you noticed how little we learn once we leave university? It is practically a full stop if we don’t consciously invest in it and all these changes are learnings
  • It is faith and belief – yes this one is hard especially when change brings loss. But this is the time our faith and belief are challenged – can we through this believe all will become well? 
  1. Second, let us validate this story with facts: Think of moments, situations and scenarios where change has brought something good. Yes it was hard at first but then things unfolded, dots connected and the next chapter was bright! When we remember these facts, we start believing that new changes will also do something similar! And remember that belief is powerful – it attracts, manifests and creates magical things.
  2. Third, feel the fear and act: And as we work on the above 2, yet when the change occurs, fear will exist – it is deep in our conditioning and many people around us are trying to protect us with fear! So feel the fear, face it and through it take action to move forward. Many times people stagnate and paralyze in fear, hoping that when it leaves they will take action! That can be catastrophic! It can also change fear to anxiety so there is no need to eliminate fear – instead, face them and take action through it.
  3. Gratitude for change and its consequences: Gratitude is science, rewiring the brain to do the same thing again that felt good! When we see all changes – when they happen AND whatever the consequence is as meant to be for the good, we are on the next level already! So make it a part of your daily gratitude practice. 

Change is powerful when seen with the right perspective. Change can be hard when there is a loss but even through that, a perspective is needed. Embrace it with the mind and let it bring what is next in store for you. 

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