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Fear?! Let that go

Fear?! Let that go

8 Aug, 2019

A lot of thought patterns pan out our behaviour. Whether it is the habit of keeping the lights on while sleeping or the habit of covering the mirror before going to bed or simply the habit of not dancing in parties. Don’t these seem like very common behaviours to you? Well, they are. But there is a  constant fear behind each of our actions. Fear of darkness, fear of ghosts or fear of being judged. All in all, your fear for a certain thing makes you a completely different person than otherwise who you’d be!

Fear is important

Even as a kid, I was constantly told that fear and anger were destructive emotions. These were two of the many negative emotions that aimed at troubling you as a person. It meant the need to hold on to something more deeper than this fear.

This ideally means, that if you fear staying alone, you resort to being with someone all the time. This meant that you force yourself to be with people around you- just to keep that fear at bay. Indeed, doesn’t this mean that fear is a powerful emotion? Parents often scare their child with a lot of threats so that they listen to them. On the downside, fear can create a void in you and that stays forever. That’s why, as a child- if someone is bullied, it leaves a scar on them forever.

All this complexity makes it important for us to let go of fear. Fear is a powerful emotion- an emotion that can make you do things or action things out.

How to let go?

Letting go of anything isn’t easy. We struggle to keep things in our control. We like to let fear die with us. We feel it is easier to ignore the fear rather than confront it. Most people, in their lifetime never really come out of fear. Fear of being judged or fear of validation are also common fears. Anything that doesn’t let you be yourself is fear. Anything that discomforts you, for example, and compels you to change yourself is fear.

Therefore, if you have to let it go, you got to identify what is it that you are holding on to you. Once you find the underlying emotion, you’re obviously going to identify the cause of fear and that can help you with facing it better.

MEDITATION can help you in a miraculous way to overcome almost any kind of fear. Focus on your thoughts and patterns when you meditate and most definitely, you’ll see that in days the fear is actually vanishing.

Please note that fear and phobias are completely different. While fear is caused by a reason, a phobia is an unreasonable fear triggered by one factor.

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