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Feng Shui your office and work desk for career advancement with these tips by our expert

Feng Shui your office and work desk for career advancement with these tips by our expert

31 May, 2019

Looking for a big spurt in your career success? Feng Shui says look no further than your office desk. Your office cabin or personal work space & especially the office desk plays an important role in your career. It portrays your self-image in the world and in your career. So, the energy of your work desk can point the way to success or stagnation in your career/business. Good Feng Shui means better prospects.

So, step up a level in your progress with these easy-to-follow tips to make sure your office  has good Feng Shui:

1. Always position your desk to face the main door of the office. If that’s not possible then sit facing the door diagonally. But never ever sit in a way that the door of your office is behind you or on the side of you.


2. It is always good to have natural sunlight & fresh air in your office so do choose a cabin with windows.

3. Having a wall behind the chair you sit in is the most favourable placement. In case you have windows behind you then, keep them open everyday for a little while to get fresh air & sunlight. But make sure to keep them closed when you’re doing some important work.

4. Always chose a sturdy, solid wooden desk, teak wood being the best. You must have a horizontal runner along the length of your desk so that your client cannot see your feet when seated.

5. Get a good office chair with a comfortable backrest. Avoid reclining chairs.

6. For best results, keep the colours of the office walls, ceiling & upholstery neutral, like white or beige. Do not play with bright or bold colours or designs without seeking the advise of a consultant. This is because colours can activate good and bad stars and so they could bring good fortune or create havoc in your work.

7. Keep your office cabin space or desk absolutely clean and clutter-free. Retain only the minimum and most important stuff and paperwork.

8. Make sure the office is very well lit with sufficient artificial lights too.

Here are some specific tips to Feng Shui your work desk. Work them and see the magic unfold:

(Please refer to the drawing above to follow the placement of things on your office table)

You must be very careful whilst placing things on your office table / desk. The office table is roughly divided into 9 parts / rectangles as per the Bagua.

  1. In the Sector 1 of your office desk, place books or reference manuals relating to your business or profession as this signifies the knowledge area as per the Bagua.
  2. Sector 2 is the career corner & hence the most import area of your office desk. Place your laptop / I-pad here. For added positivity, place a dark blue mat below these gadgets.
  3. Sector 3 signifies the help & support area. Place the idol of Ganesha or any other deity of your choice here.
  4. Sector 4 is the family corner, so keep photographs of the the family members here.
  5. Sector 5 or the centre of the desk signifies the health area so keep it absolutely clean & empty to ensure good health.
  6. Sector 6,  the corner of creativity, can be energized by keeping your office diary or note pad here along with your pen / pencil holder.
  7. Sector 7 is the wealth & prosperity area. Enhance it with a nice small bamboo plant that has a cluster of different coloured crystal stones in it.
  8. Sector 8 is the fame & recognition area. Keep your visiting cards here. Give an added boost to this sector by placing a red coloured mat here.
  9. Sector 9 is the relationship area. Keep a picture of yourself with your partner or spouse here. But if you’re single and looking for love, keep a bunch of fresh colourful flowers or a bowl of colourful crystals in this corner.

(All sketches courtesy Priia)

About Priia

Priia is a Thriive-verified Feng Shui Therapist with more than 19 years of experience in Feng Shui and Psychic Readings. Having spent many years in deep study and practice of Feng Shui, she is much sought-after for her result-oriented advice especially for residential and commercial properties. As a natural psychic, her readings are intuitive and on point. You can connect with her HERE.

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