Friday Fretting: Break your relationship with stress by doing these 5 things on a weekend |
Friday Fretting: Break your relationship with stress by doing these 5 things on a weekend

Friday Fretting: Break your relationship with stress by doing these 5 things on a weekend

23 Aug, 2019

There is so much pressure these days to make the weekends happening and Instagram worthy that we all feel gloomy on the following Monday if we have no Insta stories or posts from the previous weekend. While living in the virtual world we often forget to even breathe in the real world. Hence, let’s pledge to spend our weekends just for ourselves. Whether it’s an outing with friends or just lazing on the couch, make sure that along with your Insta stories even your energy levels are updated. Here are a few things we suggest you do on the weekend to bust that stress:

Meditate: This might sound very old school and boring. However, meditation will help you to clear your thoughts and help you to calm down your mind. Meditation helps you to clear out thought clouds and stimulates clear thinking. You can either join a class or start with very simple techniques using meditation apps. For good results, practice consistently. 

Sleep: Though Netflix and chill is the new lifestyle we all feel FOMO when we do this. However, sleeping on the weekend is not about promoting the slumbering life but just getting some extra rest to let your mind and body recuperate from the stress. Don’t feel sad or left out just because on Saturday evening you are busy catching up on some Zzzzs. Instead, schedule your weekend naps and be happy for that much-needed of extra hour rest. 

Do something you like: Go to hobby classes or just do your favorite thing at home. Don’t start just because it’s cool but because you like it. It’s okay to not go for a fancy Latin American dance workshop and instead stay at home and make paper boats because you love craftwork. As long as your hobby works as a therapy for you, pursue it with all your heart. 

Spend time thinking or not thinking: The aim to think or not think is to clear up our mental space but not by burying the thoughts that bother us but by processing them. Hence, if you are thinking about something for a long time or if you are stressed with something then maybe stop doing so and find a way out. Or if you have put something on the back burner and you are guilty of not giving enough attention to it then maybe this weekend just take some time off to think about it and process it. Whatever you do, make sure that you utilize your weekend to clear your mind and make space for the coming week. 

Don’t think about Monday, start your Monday: We are a generation that glorifies Monday blues and Sunday night gloom. However, instead of getting stuck in this cycle of blues and gloom how about you do something about it. Make a to-do list for Monday on a Sunday night. If that overwhelms you then just start by picking out your clothes and breakfast preparation for Monday. This will give you some extra time to snooze on a Monday morning without putting you on the radar right away. And we all know there’s nothing better than catching up on some extra sleep on a working day. 

We all wait for the weekends only to get more tired with catching up on our lives and then go back to another Monday with more blues than the previous Friday. However, taking some time to invest in yourself will make your weekends more productive and even more enjoyable. So, don’t get bogged down by those last-minute plans by your friends and colleagues, do what feels good to you!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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