GFSS 2019 is here! Know what to expect  |
GFSS 2019 is here! Know what to expect 

GFSS 2019 is here! Know what to expect 

17 Jul, 2019

India’s biggest SOUL festival is around the corner (from 28th September till 2nd October 2019 at Pyramid Valley International) and WE CANNOT KEEP CALM. Whether it is about profound thought-masters, amazing soul artists & yogic experts, scrumptious sattvic meals, the serenely soothing Pyramid Valley housing Asia’s most powerful Pyramid,  GFSS 2019 is a treat for your soul. Come September-end, all roads will lead to the 12th celebration of the human spirit at The Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS).

There are multiple reasons why you ought to be a part of this soul-fest, but do you know what to expect there? We are here to help you with 5 things you can experience here! 

  1. Yoga: Yoga has transformed various lives and there is no doubt that it is here to stay. When you enter the Pyramid Valley International (PVI), you will be astounded at the power of yoga. Each day of GFSS will begin with Yoga by Shorey Yogayush. 
  2. Flute Meditation: There is, perhaps nothing as stress-relieving than flute meditation by Brahmarishi Patriji. He was recently awarded the Life Positive Good Karma Award by Speaking Tree.  
  3. Whirling Mandala™ Workshop by Zia Nath: Indulge in whirling dances inspired from the ancient gypsy, ghumrao, and Sufi traditions. Turning movements, such as whirling, to create a momentum of energy that turns us within. Practiced by mystics such as Rumi, Shamz, Kabir, Gurdjieff, and others, this is a form of moving meditation. It is unique as it centres us by balancing motion & stillness. In this session, whirl with Zia Nath and find your inner light, guided by your inner compass. Know more about Zia Nath’s session here:
  4. Nutrition: Perhaps, one can never undermine the importance of nutrition in our daily life. Eating right is the key to living right. Needless to say, PVI will provide you with food for the soul, however, it will also give you a specific workshop on holistic nutrition. Everything at the festival is carefully curated for you! 
  5. Life By Design & Not By Default: Do we really need to tell you about how much we all have benefitted by this workshop? We understand that maybe this is your first shot at this soul fest. Shreyans Daga, the Vice-Chairman of PVI will take you step-by-step into demystifying the concept of meditation, manifestation, and healing with quantum science. Meditation, guided by Daga can transcend you from survival-based emotions to create emotions and thereby experience a deep transformation.

Not just these 5 things, but expect a lot of fun-filled and knowledge-based redesigning of your life. This experience will change your life for good. 

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