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Healing with crystal-infused water – the effects of different crystals

Healing with crystal-infused water – the effects of different crystals

21 Apr, 2019

Move over fruit infusions and herbal teas. Crystal-infused water is here to make you more soul and body healthy. By drinking crystal-infused water, we aim to become a more loving, compassionate, cool person . We can call these infusions crystal elixir or crystal tonic too.

How does this work?

But how’s that, you ask? Well, remember the time when yoga practitioners advised us to keep water overnight in copper vessels and drink them the next day? Apparently, some of the copper leached into the water and provided tons of benefits.

So, what’s to stop these crystals from passing on those benefits which they anyway provide when they are placed in certain directions and spaces in our home and office?

But this doesn’t mean you must rush off to put your any crystal into your water matkaa right away.

There are certain things to be aware of first. There are some crystals that should absolutely not be dunked in water: some of them include Topaz, Cat’s eye, emeralds and mostly those that end in -ite. These tend to rust, break off, corrode or even dissolve in water.

The best way to use crystals for infusion

  • First, choose the crystal. Or, let it choose you. You’ll feel it drawing you to itself (crystals emit vibrations which are healing in nature. It is this trait that energizes the water too).
  • Wash this crystal well in cool, salt water. Energize it then by placing it in running waterbody such as a river or keeping it in the moonlight all night long. It is then ready to be used.
  • Hold the chosen one in your palm and meditate upon your intention for this particular crystal. For example, a rose quartz can make you more compassionate and even draw true love towards you.
  • Place it in your water bottle (healthy adults are normally expected to intake around two and a half litres of water daily) and top it up with filtered water. Keep it overnight and drink it the next day. This infusion is also called Crystal Elixir. For best results, use a glass bottle.
  • An alternate method of infusion includes placing the crystal at the base of the glass bottle instead of in direct touch with the water. You can also place it inside a small glass jar before placing it inside the water container. This supposedly works well too.

Every time you drink this water, it will make you mindful of your intention for this crystal which in turn will help in manifesting it.

So, these are 3 crystals that you can use to make the elixirs:

  • Amethyst: A beautiful stone that makes you meditative and calms you down. Enhances your intuition and creativity. Answers to challenging life situations are easy to come by with the vibes of this crystal.
  • Rose Quartz: Anything to do with roses has to be about love. And this crystal doesn’t lag behind at all in that department. Seeking a new, true love? This is the elixir you must imbibe as it also makes you more compassionate and forgiving. It even helps you speak up. Not surprisingly, saying those three important words was never so easy.
  • Clear Quartz: The multitude of distractions that face us every day easily drain out and defocus us.  Being ‘on’ 24×7 can only lead to burnout. Save yourself from such a fate with Clear Quartz elixir. This crystal raises the frequency of its surroundings to make it more positive. People meditate on it to increase their concentration and focusing powers. Drink this infusion to become a positivity-magnet.

The beauty of this elixir is that you can feed this charged water to pets too and also water your plants with it. In addition to that, you can also sprinkle it around your home for a refreshing feel after you’ve smudged your home.

Sonia Rao is the Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

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