Here’s how Ayurveda healed my menstrual woes, probably, it could treat yours too!   |
Here’s how Ayurveda healed my menstrual woes, probably, it could treat yours too!  

Here’s how Ayurveda healed my menstrual woes, probably, it could treat yours too!  

24 May, 2019

I must admit that until recently, I always thought Ayurveda wasn’t the branch of medicine meant for me. As someone with severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding and unbearable stomach pain during periods, “those” days of the month were distasteful like no other. Not to forget the constant dizziness, low blood pressure, bloating, puking and a sudden bout of viral fever I would suffer each month without fail.

If you are reading this and can relate to it in even the slightest form, you women know how agonizing it can get! I am not even exaggerating when I say I cannot move an inch during my periods and yes, this happens EACH month.

As I hail from a typical Tamil-Brahmin family, taking muscle-relaxants/pain killers isn’t a very acceptable thing. So I grew up believing that consuming pain-killers during periods was a no-no. Obviously, I looked up the internet and searched for all the home remedies possible. But to no avail.

Why this time was different

You know when you have a new job, you don’t quite want to take leaves. Perhaps, telling your higher-ups that you are on your period and so you need to stay home doesn’t seem a pleasant leave request. Determined to fight the little demon in my reproductive system, I went to work.

But this time, things were a little bad. Things went awry as I started throwing up even if I had water. Midway through my commute to work I was severely dehydrated and before I knew it, I was running a high temperature. But I was still going to go to work (remember, new job!)

I went to work, sat down and started with my daily chores. The pit in my stomach was obviously up for a new adventure. The lethargy I felt was sickening. I’m not even taling about the pain I was undergoing. What do you do in such a case? Take an over-the-counter medicine to stop vomiting, right? Great idea, except that I threw up that too.

By this time, I knew I would have to rush back home. Once I was on my way, I knew this dehydration was more than just that. Before I could think of what next, I passed out completely. When I woke up, I knew this wasn’t quite the day for me.

How did Ayurveda help

So this time, I decided to go to an Ayurved, given that I had been to doctors from all branch of medicine except this one. Given that they don’t have much side-effects, I thought that was a good one for me. A quick and thorough check-up of my ‘nadi’ (nerves) explained to her (the Ayurved) what I couldn’t. She fixed those bouts of vomiting and excessive bleeding within her first dose. Of course, I would be lying if I said years of menstrual pain were all gone in a day.

Nevertheless, deeper still, I felt like I could get relief with this. A dose of 3 days was prescribed to me coupled with a few suggestions for lifestyle changes (these are specifically for my body condition):

  • Good rest during periods
  • Minimal traveling
  • Food during proper intervals
  • Foods to better immunity
  • Foods to better digestion

She insisted that my menstrual bouts were getting terrible due to lack of immunity and problems in my digestive health.

As an inquisitive writer, I obviously asked her what all this had to do with menstruation. A quick smile was followed by an explanation. “Every person has a different body type and hence their experience with different foods will differ.” This meant, for me, a complete rest was required along with certain natural remedies and nutrition.

She then cut a few pieces of ginger and extracting fresh juice from it put about 10 drops in my navel. Within hours, I felt much better. A quick search on Google told me that freshly grated ginger juice helps in easing abdominal pain, menstrual cramps and severe bloating. And guess what, it worked!

She gave me these super bitter powders which were worse than any medicines I’ve ever consumed in my entire life but, anything for good health!

In order to help me with low BP and nausea, I was told to chew fresh curry leaves (10 leaves) and instantly, the nausea was gone.

She added, “You must understand the concept of agni and accept that apart from only thinking about the nutritional requirements, absorption of the food we eat is also thoroughly assessed as a part of Ayurveda. Every individual body is different and so are our requirements. Food that may suit and be healthy for one, may not be the same for another in the same. So, the dosage, time and combination of elements play a very important role.”

What next?

Have my pain and other issues vanished completely? NO. Do I feel better now? Absolutely! I am now working towards attaining a healthy digestive system to heal my menstrual woes. So, the next time, I believe I will not have to go through this agony all over again!


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