How can Past Life Regression therapy help you fall in love with yourself |
How can Past Life Regression therapy help you fall in love with yourself

How can Past Life Regression therapy help you fall in love with yourself

24 Jun, 2019

We all seek myriad ways to heal ourselves. Whether it is from something that has happened in the past or circumstances that you are currently going through we all have dark phases of our lives to make peace with.

Such dark phases make us doubt ourselves. These doubts then become impediments in our self-love. Though there are many ways to evoke our love for ourselves one of the most beneficial ways is past life regression therapy.

What is Past life regression therapy?

Past life regression is a form of hypnosis that takes you back to your past life. You remember some crucial events from your past life that may have carried its impact in this life.

Why Past Life Regression Therapy?

This is a lurking question when it comes to past life regression. Many people ask why can’t they seek help through other alternative therapies or regular sessions with psychologists. The best way to explain this is that any problem has to be uprooted completely from its roots for it to get cured completely. If any of your personality problems or other issues are carried forward from your past lives then there’s no way but to go through those past life events again to find a solution. While other therapies will give you temporary solace only past life regression will give you a clear and complete picture about where your problem stems from. Below are few such problems that can be traced back to your past life.

  • Inherent fears and phobias
  • Unexplained physical ailments
  • Discrepancies in understanding the karmic path
  • Recurring images of people, places or objects

Why is self-love important?

Better mental health, healthy relationships and vibrant confidence that speaks for itself – the benefits of self-love are unimaginable. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is incredibly important before you venture on relationships with other people. You can only love others when your own flask is full of love. When people are unable to make peace with themselves, they suffer from insecurity and a lack of self-worth. This is then reflected with all their external interactions as well. Hence, falling in love with yourself is way more important than falling in love with someone else.  

How will past life regression help with cultivating self-love?

There are often times when some of us settle for less than we deserve. This only leads to more frustration and turmoil. Many philosophers and spiritualists have time and again said that the reason for this lies in the deep lack of self-love. Not all of us know why we tend to underestimate our own worth. While there are many ways to cultivate self-love sometimes the lack of love stems from our past life events. In such cases, it is important to know what went on in our past lives to know the source of our sufferings in our current life. When we look at circumstances that have led to our downward spiral it is easier to eradicate the same. For anything to heal the best cure is to treat the source.

Seek Help

People look for answers externally all their lives only to realize that there are no answers indeed. Most of the answers we seek lie within us. We just have to dig deep enough to find the right ones. If you, too, are going through problems that come from a lack of self-love, seek help and try to heal yourselves. At Thriive, we enlist the best practitioners of alternative therapies. After all, it is only our healing that will uplift us and when we uplift ourselves, we uplift everyone around us.

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems. 

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