How negative energy can make you sick? |
How negative energy can make you sick?

How negative energy can make you sick?

1 Jul, 2019

Negative energy is something that we always thought that surrounded us all or is present in other people. But did you know it can be inside us?  We could be unaware that we are attracting negative energy into our lives, and more scarily into our bodies and minds- all of which might be affecting our health.

Both positive, as well as negative energy, is present everywhere– in humans, and things and in the environment. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes when you meet someone, you like or dislike them right away? Well, that happens because we pick on the energy vibrations or frequencies from people and surroundings on our subconscious level.

Symptoms of negative energy in us

Imagine that your friend is talking about his or her illness or hardship in their life and about all about the struggle they faced. After you talk and interact with them, you feel very low and sad. This is negative energy and it is contagious. That doesn’t mean that it’s not OK to be sad or feel low at times!  That’s natural; but when these kinds of feelings come again and recur frequently, you might be storing up this negative energy in your body. 

How does negative energy make us sick

The following are the signs and symptoms when you are affected by negative energy.

  • Headaches
    You can get dull headaches when you are surrounded by, or absorb negative energy. Yes, headaches are caused by a variety of reasons. But if there is no cause found, and you are having a headache it can be probably due to negative energy.
  • Stomachaches
    These are signs that there might be negative energy in your environment. The tension might be held in your belly and not due to any illness.
  • Breathlessness
    Difficulty in breathing could be due to negative energy. Our lungs are the house of grief and that emotion is held therewithin. If we have the grief of some sort, that can cause breathlessness. The way to clear this is to treat the reason for grief.
  • Anxiety/ depression
    This can also be present in us due to negative energy. Depression is very difficult to shake off because you can’t think positively when you are depressed. It is more important to get to the cause of depression other than just treating its symptoms. You can take the help of a therapist to analyze and treat rather than not face it.
  • Pain/ Chronic pain
    Sometimes negative energy can show up as pain, as negative energy causes our body muscles to become tense and constrict. The stress of these muscles leads to tiredness and chronic pain. To set this right it is important to address the cause of the negative energy.
  • Restlessness
    Negative energy causes our body to be tense or restless. Our mind or body is restless. You think negative and sad thoughts all the time. A shower or soak in the tub with sea salt will help! Even some meditation or yoga can help to calm your mind.
  • Confusion
    You tend to overreact or get sad or upset when dealing with certain people and also become confused and exhausted. This also may be due to negative energy. To deal with this, one has to practice more mindfulness and get rid of toxic people or avoid them the most. This will help the negative energy to clear up and be positive.

We all know that charity begins at home so the clearing of negative energy must begin at home too!! 

How to cleanse your home of negative energy?

  1. Declutter and keep your house clean; commit some time daily to do so.
  2. Keep the curtains and windows open in good weather to let fresh air and sunlight in.
  3. Burn some incense/sage leaves.
  4. Mop floors with water to which salt is added.
  5. Add rock salt to bathing water.
  6. Bring in crystals or salt lamp.
  7. Go the feng shui way! 

How to remove negative energy from our bodies?

  1. Embrace mindfulness and realize that a lot of things come from within you.
  2. Start thinking positive thoughts by reconditioning your mind. It helps when you replace a negative thought by a positive one. Meditation can help too.
  3. Choose positively and surround yourself with positive people.

Bottom line is when you are feeling low and having this negative energy phase in your life, know that it is high time to change your perspective and pluck out the negativity and get rid of that negative energy. This will enable you to live your life to the fullest!

Is there any particular method or practice that you know or follow to reduce negative energy in your life? Please share in comments below.

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 


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