How to tailor your workplace to #AttractAbundance |
How to tailor your workplace to #AttractAbundance

How to tailor your workplace to #AttractAbundance

21 Oct, 2019

A good makeover is not only a way to get over a bad break up but also to get over those workplace blues. Going to the same place every morning and sitting on the desk may get boring after a point. However, if you reshuffle your desk and add new elements to it then maybe it will become more welcoming for you. Mood changes energy and energy brings in positivity, and abundance.

Abundance is a rather subjective and abstract concept. For some people, it might mean money and for others, it could be peace and serenity till the end of their days. At the workplace, it means much more than just monetary benefits. New opportunities, good support, recognition, good work culture, and purposeful work are all indications of abundance. How about we suggest a few ways renovate your desk or workplace to not only change your mood but also to attract abundance?

Make room for creativity

The importance of de-cluttering and cleaning is emphasized in many Asian cultures. Especially, Chinese and Indian traditions draw a very close co-relation between abundance and open space. Creativity too, like abundance needs space to thrive. Hence, if you are planning on moving things a bit at work, then start with making room for creativity. After all, creativity will bring abundance and abundance as you know, brings everything well with it including a creative inflow. 

Feng Shui – Bagua Map 

This is a Feng Shui map that will take you towards abundance and prosperity. Now we are not talking about any hidden treasures amidst woods. This is, in fact, the Feng Shui energy centre layout that explains different energy centres in any given space. The back-left corner in any room or on your desk is the energy centre for abundance and prosperity. Feng Shui usually suggests you keep a plant or a money jar in this space. If all your abundance depends on your techie-head then this will make a good corner for your most beloved device as well. 

Frame those positive thoughts!

Every action was once thought and thoughts, as we all know, are very powerful. Hence, to attract abundance in your work life you need to have thoughts that signify abundance. However, forgetting these thoughts between coffee machine talks and sporadic work tasks is easy. Framing an image on your desk or in your cabin that resonates with your idea of prosperity is a must-have for everyone who wants to attract abundance in their work life. 

Crystal it up

Crystals have incredible power to change the energy of the place. If you have been feeling dull and lethargic at work then crystals are definitely your best bet. They will help you to get through such a lack of motivation or may help you to figure out the underlying thoughts that are making you feel dull. Bring in some crystals to bring back the lost magic at work!

Choose Feng Shui Wealth Colours

Gold signifies abundance and prosperity both in the Chinese and the Hindu traditions. If you are not too fond of the bling then you may switch to the soothing purple colour as well. Along with bringing prosperity colour psychology explains that certain colours also change your mood. Hence, if gold or purple takes over your desk you may not feel the blues henceforth on a Monday. 

Get plants or wood elements

Nature is #Abundance exemplified most aptly. There is nothing that nature can’t provide. Add some green quotient to your desk and bring it in abundance. Some extra oxygen will also keep you healthy and thriving at work. 

We end up spending 8-9 hours a day at work and yet end up cribbing any aspect of our work life. How about you start changing that? If you feel a positive response in your gut to this question then start by taking baby steps. Begin with reshuffling certain things on your desk or in your cabin and make a move towards filling your work life with abundance and purpose. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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