“I want to speak about the difference between Being and Becoming,” says the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen | Thriive.in
I want to speak about the difference between Being and Becoming, says the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen

“I want to speak about the difference between Being and Becoming,” says the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen

1 Aug, 2019

In its 12th year of celebrating the human spirit, Thriive Art & Soul is back with yet another empowering edition of India’s larger than life “soul festival.” We have loads of surprises lined up for you! Some well-known international speakers include Andrew Cohen, Dr. Laura Hof, Katarina Marinc, Judy Satori, and Jerome Boujon. 

Cohen is an internationally revered spiritual teacher with thousands of students worldwide. His spiritual journey began when he experienced a spontaneous revelation of cosmic consciousness. In GFSS, he will be talking on his area of expertise- “Evolution of Enlightenment.

According to the concept of evolutionary enlightenment or the evolution of enlightenment, the cycle of time is a creative one. Its capacity for creativity is one uncontainable and unfolds in its own fashion. Your destiny isn’t predestined.

In an email interview, Cohen spills some interesting beans! 

Question: When did you realize that your path of Evolutionary Enlightenment was the right calling for you?
Answer: Shortly after I started teaching in 1986, I realized that for Enlightenment to be significant in the modern world, it had to be more about the liberation of our creative potential than merely about the experience of profound peace.

Q: How has this journey of Evolutionary Enlightenment been for you so far? 
A: Thrilling, exciting, ultimately challenging and ever-renewing.

Q: What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?
A: I want to speak about the nature of the absolute, the difference between Being and Becoming, the five fundamental tenets that make it possible to live an enlightened life in the midst of the challenge of being in the world. Why now Enlightenment has to be about self-actualization, liberated autonomy and profound responsibility for the future of humanity. Why awakening to enlightened awareness is never only about our own inner freedom, but about the evolution of consciousness itself.

Q: How has this path of Evolutionary Enlightenment transformed you as an individual?
A: It has transformed me in the most profound way from being a self-centered, narcissistic individual, fundamentally only concerned about himself, to someone who has been fortunate enough to have awakened to a cosmic perspective in which the only reason to exist is to enable the energy and intelligence that created the universe to evolve through as many of us as possible.

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?
A: The philosophy of Evolutionary Enlightenment can help readers recognize and awaken to the fact, that they are not merely the body, mind, and personality, the skin encapsulated Ego, but in fact they are nothing less than the energy and intelligence that created the universe awakening to itself through the apparent uniqueness of their human selves.

Q: Is there any incident that you would like to share with us (in your journey of Evolutionary Enlightenment)?
A: I would like to share two. The first is meeting my Guru in 1986 which changed my life forever. The second was the profound explosion in consciousness that a large group of my students experienced in the Year 2001. This miracle of awakening was the first emergence of what I call “Intersubjective Non-Duality”. This was when the experience of Enlightened Awareness was not occurring merely within the inner experience of one unique individual, but miraculously became the shared ground of awareness that many people experienced at the very same time.

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?
A: Believe that it is possible that you can awaken to the ultimate nature of reality, to the True Self, to Brahman consciousness in this life. Have the courage to realize that the future and destiny of this shared experiment called humanity depends on the choices you make and the actions you take in this very life. Realize that the energy and intelligence that created the universe is depending on each and every one of us here and now and in every single moment.

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