Integrative Medicine: All you need to know about it |
Integrative Medicine: All you need to know about it

Integrative Medicine: All you need to know about it

21 May, 2019

We often wonder what it really takes to lead a happy and healthy life.  Many will say that taking care of your body or eating the right food is the key to it, but we often forget an important aspect- the inner self. Mindfulness is as important as a good physical routine.

Nowadays, many people are adopting new health techniques to deal with diseases and illnesses and Integrative medicine has proved that a disease can be cured by taking care of a body, inside-out. A healthy body is not just healthy organs and bones, it’s a state of mind.

What is Integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an approach where the patient is not only treated physically, but the other aspects of health are also considered as a part of their treatment.

This includes mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental wellness which might affect a patient directly or indirectly.

While practicing Integrative Medicine, the patient and the therapist work as a team and employ a strategy that works the best to achieve optimum health.

Therapist-Patient Teamwork

The model of Integrative medicine works towards an overall healthy body, not just in regards to curing a particular disease. It usually differs from person to person catering to different orientations of one’s life.

The therapist usually works with the patient to understand their lifestyle and accordingly a plan is prepared using both conventional and alternative therapies working towards getting into a better health state.

Alternative therapies include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reiki, spiritual counseling, etc.

As Integrative Medicine differs for individuals, there is no confirmed combination that works for any disease. Though a few therapies have proven to work in tandem with conventional medical care and for most of the ailments are as below:


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy used to channelize the flow of energy in a person’s body. The process involves inserting very thin stainless steel needles into the skin of the patient, at certain parts and to various depths. It is said to heal stress, body aches and in some case asthma and osteoarthritis as well.

According to Chinese medicine, the body needs a smooth flow of energies to be well and acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to secrete certain chemicals which helps it achieve that.


Biofield therapies are a medium through which you can navigate through bodies own energy to find the problem and solve it by tapping it and manipulating the same energy. Biofield therapies include Reiki, Healing touch, polarity therapy, etc.

These therapies are known to release the stress in the body in terms of energy and hence brings peace and a sense of calm. It can heal a range of illnesses ranging from body aches to chronic pains.  


Happy thoughts are more powerful than you think. Not only they make you smile but with happy thoughts and a positive state of mind, you can turn back to diseases or illnesses. There are techniques where people are made to focus on positive mental pictures or moments which tend to improve blood pressure levels, stress levels, and anxiety.


Hypnotherapy is a technique where the practitioner puts the patient into a state of unconsciousness where consciousness is altered according to them. It’s a state of deep focus and helps in dealing with a certain problem a patient might be facing. This is usually used when the problem is emotional and goes deep. In some cases, it has also helped reduce pain and stress.


Yoga is an ancient practice that is used to keep your body and soul synchronized. Not only it keeps your body healthy but also brings the balance, spiritually and emotionally. It integrates mind, body & soul and makes it easier for the energies to flow inside freely, addressing all the problems in the body.

If you notice all these practices are made to give a better flow to the energy in a body and that in fact is the main reason for any kind of trouble you might be facing emotionally or mentally.


So, take out time for yourself and have a slot in the day that is just for you. Maintain your balance and lead a happy life with not just a healthy body but a healthy mind and soul as well.  

Shivani Mehra is a hopeless poet, budding author, learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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