Is mental healthcare accessible and affordable? YES! |
Is mental healthcare accessible and affordable? YES!

Is mental healthcare accessible and affordable? YES!

3 Jan, 2020

In the last few years, mental health awareness has seen several highs. The taboo surrounding mental health treatments has significantly lessened, with more and more people approaching medically qualified professionals to seek help.
However, for a large number of the population that is holding back, the stigma is not the only reason. Their doubts are more on the lines of how affordable, credible, and accessible these treatments are. These doubts are valid, because mental health solutions need to be practical so that one is motivated to continue. After all, how many times have we skipped going to a doctor because they are located too far, or their treatment is too expensive, or that you’ve questions about their credibility?

Let us break it down and help you understand how you can find trustworthy and affordable therapists

Sliding scale therapists
The rise in awareness around mental health has fortunately led to several options for people who cannot afford it. There’s been a significant increase in the availability psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers who take affordability issues into consideration and slide their hourly fees; hence the name, sliding scale therapist.

Community clinics
Then there are also the free/low cost community mental health clinics where student psychologists and counselors work under the supervision of licensed medical health professionals. These usually are free, or charge very little.

Definitely not to be discounted are the apps, and web-based therapy options. Wherever you are, this form of therapy, also known as teletherapy, lets you get in touch with a professional. Several online and app-based platforms are also known to promote self-care, meditation, relaxation, and breathing exercises that you can do on your own and work on your managing your mental health.

Community clinics, as well as app and web-based options, are very significant solutions to the problems of accessibility. These options help you decide how you would like to have your sessions. You can either look for therapists in your neighborhood that you can visit and have a face-to-face session, or address your issues with a therapist from the comfort of your couch.

Support groups

A huge influence, in a very positive way, is support groups. What separates a group from other options, perhaps making them much more affordable, credible and accessible, are the conversations you will have with people who are/have been in similar situations as you. This becomes a very powerful medium because, while the medical health professionals will suggest ways to manage your mental health issues, these people will tell you which of these suggestions have worked for them and how.
To ease this for you, we have a team of experienced Wellness Service Providers who will help you come up with a plan to enable you to seek quality mental health treatments.

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