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Learn Yoga and Meditation from the best at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences 

Learn Yoga and Meditation from the best at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences 

11 Sep, 2019

Get a grip on your body and mind with our awe-inspiring yoga and meditation faculty. Trained teachers take you through a journey of awakening with traditional yoga movements for both the beginner and advanced yoga practitioner. Senior meditators guide you to states of deep meditation, aligning your energy centers, and unleashing your true power! 

Everyone wants to transform, yet we’re all confused about the steps. All the experts agree, that yoga and meditation are the number one tools to begin the journey. Are you ready to embrace the change?

Learn from the best:

Shorey YogAyush 

Enjoy Power Yoga, an invigorating fusion of Ashtanga & Traditional yoga with Shorey Singh. Beginning with the basics, this intriguing combination of asanas will lead you towards inculcating ease in your body thus enhancing your energy quotient and upping your wellness levels.

Power Yoga is a branch of yoga that is modeled around Vinyasa Yoga. The poses or asanas performed in power yoga are physically challenging as well as require proper training. These yogic postures or yoga stretches are rigorous in nature and are said to be far more effective.

Shorey Singh is the founder of Shorey YogAyush. He received his training from Sivananda Ashrama (Madhurai). His expertise lies in instructing seekers in Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga as well as traditional yoga.

Shorey has performed as well as conducted wellness awareness events in prestigious corporates and companies. His entrepreneurial spirit meets his altruistic self even as he guides people to overcome illness and disease through the treatments he suggests for them.


Meditation is a tried-and-tested stress-buster. And meditating in a group gives us such a boost of energy that the feel-good hormones are in overdrive for a long time even after the event. TBH, there are about a hundred variations of meditation and mind you- each of them have their set of pros. At GFSS, we have many variations of meditation too! Here are a few: 

  1. Flute Meditation: Brahmarshi Subash Patri founded the Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement in 1980, spreading the science of meditation to thousands of villages in South India. Each of our days of the fest will begin with flute meditation by Brahmarshi Patriji. What better than learning the best from the best itself! Patriji is revered across the globe for his expertise in flute music that is used for meditation. Flute meditation is one of the most renowned forms of meditation, highly helpful in destressing and healing. 
  2. Meditation by Judy Satori: Judy Satori can be best described as a catalyst for activating human potential. She is a renowned spiritual teacher and the author of “Sunshine Before the Dawn” and the Ascension series. Judy Satori is a spiritual channel and way-shower, writer and spiritual teacher, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but currently living and working internationally. Her meditations will help connect us with our higher selves, spiritual guides, and activate the latent light codes within all of us. 
  3. Meditation by Dr Newton Kondaveti & Dr Lakshmi Newton: The power duo has a lot to offer in terms of healing. Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi — both medical doctors – met, married, and went on to change the landscape of past life regression therapy in India. Together they’ve traveled the world with their workshops and seminars on PLR, Rebirthing, Life After Death, etc. and are regarded as global experts on Past Life Regression therapy. Their meditations are based upon some of the best scientific research out there, helping us access deep levels of our subconscious minds. 

With deep meditations guided by renowned Masters and Meditators, give yourself the treat your soul craves. Dispel your physical, mental and emotional woes with the panacea of meditation.

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