Love using that emoji? Here's what it says about your mental health |
Love using that emoji? Here’s what it says about your mental health

Love using that emoji? Here’s what it says about your mental health

17 Jul, 2019

I remember being a child and deciding to meet my friend without having to text them constantly to know where they have reached. It is not very long ago that people lived a life without a dependence on mobile phones. And you know what? The world, still worked all right! We guys were always made on time, except for one, who was always late. But today when I look at myself and the manner of communication I am a part of- there is a huge shift.

The basics have changed and we connect through social media more than we do in real life. A person is more comfortable replying to a stranger online than a real person sitting next to them on a train. No matter how sad it sounds, it surely is the truth. We are communicating our emotions with technology more than our real selves and these companies are providing everything they can to make these conversations feel real hence EMOJIS. A sentence written without an emoji feels less personal and formal. An emoji adds emotions to your text and the other person feels more connected to you and your nature while reading it. 

It may sound weird but scientists have found that a sentence that ends with an emoji has double the chances of making the reader feel your intentions and context. Now, there are millions of options and new ones introduced daily for you to choose from but still, the yellow default ones are the most used and believe it or not, but your frequent emojis says a lot about your personality. There is a specific meaning to each emoji, and today on the occasion of World Emoji Day we bring to you a list of them to understand your personality better:

  • Monkey eyes – socially awkward: Well,  the cuteness of this emoji is supposed to rescue the user from saying no or feeling sorry for a situation they might have created or to get out of something they don’t wish to face. 
  • Crying laughing – feelgood friend: This is the most used emoji all around the world and has a fun streak to it.  The user of this emoji surely likes to have a good time and see the fun in everything. 
  • Crying face – drama queen: This may not be good news to many because this emoji is used mostly to attract attention and sympathy. It is used when the user wants to feel loved and needs attention by being overly dramatic. 
  • Red heart – extrovert: It is a sign of being expressive. If you use this emoji usually there is a chance that you are not afraid of how people react. You are fun and quite expressive and like to say what you feel. 
  • Heart eyes – over the top: There is something playful about this emoji and it is used to express love but not any intensity. It is used mostly for light-hearted flirting and show you likeliness towards something or someone. 
  • Thumbs up – emotionally distant: This emoji is used mostly in formal relationships where you don’t want to be seen as a robot but still doesn’t want to be too friendly. It means an agreement in a professional subtle way. 
  • Salsa woman – sexy and fun: Joyful and an extrovert are a kind for this emoji, it represents partying, dancing and fun. 
  • Facepalm girl – hard-worker: A person using this emoji has seen it all and know that whatever the other person is saying is either stupid or doesn’t make sense with the situation. 
  • Wailing face – genuine: The wailing face shows sorrow and grief, a literal sadness about something bad that has happened. 
  • Blushing- Gratitude: This emoji lies between showing love and a friendly smile. A great way to thank someone and show gratitude towards someone. If you use this emoji very often than you value your relationships and have a friendly attitude towards things. 

These are supposedly the most used emojis all around the world but it changes from one region to another. As texting has become such an integral part of the communication these days that emojis are the most show of emotions. Hence, it is safe to say that these emojis are a clear reflection of your mind, behaviour and the way you deal with your feelings.

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 

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