Luscious Luster: 5 super tips to grow hair and reverse hair-loss with Ayurveda |
Luscious Luster: 5 super tips to grow hair and reverse hair-loss with Ayurveda

Luscious Luster: 5 super tips to grow hair and reverse hair-loss with Ayurveda

22 Apr, 2019

One of the most distasteful sights for anybody in the morning is that of seeing their hair fallen on the pillow. Blame it on pollution or stress, a balding patch is going to make you worried and conscious about yourself. Shedding of about 100 strands of hair is considered normal, but if you shed more than that in a day, you must find your way to good therapy.

According to Ayurveda, hairloss denotes an internal imbalance or dysfunction in your body. It professes that you must have a good diet along with keeping yourself hydrated. However, including certain herbs in your diet or applying them to your scalp can be quite fruitful. Here’s what you should do if hairfall is playing villain:

  • Bringaraj: Ayurveda has it; bringaraj is a sure-shot weapon against hair loss. Just extract its oil or make a paste of its leaf to grow that crowning glory. The ‘king of hair’ isn’t just good to eliminate hair-loss but it also helps in curing hair grayness.
  • Amla: Your mother may have told you that this wonder herb cannot and must not be eliminated from your diet- go, thank her now! Amla or Indian gooseberry can be eaten raw, consumed as amla juice or apply its oil to your hair. You could also make yourself an amazing hair pack by mixing dry amla powder, yogurt, and henna powder. Apply the paste for 2 hours and wash it off.
  • Aloe vera: Ayurvedic texts note the proven effects of aloe vera for hair fall. It is also said to boost your scalp health. Either you could have aloe vera juice for overall wellness or could mix aloe vera paste with coconut oil to apply it on your roots.
  • Coconut oil: A coconut oil massage’s effect is almost irreplaceable when it comes to hair loss.  Opt for regular application of coconut oil for resplendent hair growth.
  • Shikakai: Ayurvedic texts call shikakai as the natural shampoo. Mixing shikakai powder with water cleanses your scalp without ripping off its natural oils. It detangles your hair, boosts hair growth, clears off dandruff and makes them healthier. To see the difference, wash your hair with shikakai every alternate day.

One must know that Ayurveda professes on the inclusion of these herbs regularly. Apart from these 5, there are many herbs like neem, soap nuts or sesame seeds that can prove to be helpful. Use them consistently to amp up your hair growth and eliminating hair loss completely.

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