Mark a page in your diary for these exciting wellness weekend activities in Mumbai |
Mark a page in your diary for these exciting wellness weekend activities in Mumbai

Mark a page in your diary for these exciting wellness weekend activities in Mumbai

4 Apr, 2019

A sassy Saturday and a sleepy Sunday is everybody’s dream! After a week-long hard work, most of us want to laze on our beds and sleep like nobody’s business. But what if we told you that you can have a refreshing week just by having a kick-ass weekend? No, no, we aren’t giving you those passé ‘health tips’. We are telling you how you can make utmost use of your weekend by rejuvenating in a wellness centre. Slightly puzzled? Then you must read on.

Rewa Escape – Go the Spa way!

Ever felt the need to let down all your worries and experience some exotic treatment? Then you must book an appointment at the earliest with Rewa Escape. An award-winning spa boutique,  it is an oasis, nestled in the midst of a concrete jungle just off Mumbai’s famous Pedder Road. Get set to revel in a luxurious, calming experience with a variety of options from Deep Tissue massages, fruit peels to peel off your worries, to a blend of Thai and Ayurvedic massage too. The payoff: relief from muscular tension, improved blood circulation & a renewed zest for life.

AquaCentric – Wellness through water

Isn’t it so relaxing to see the fish swimming underwater? Now you can get the same feels and benefits at AquaCentric Therapy. More of a rehabilitation centre with cutting-edge machinery and technology, its aqua therapy  promises a bounce back to living. Since exercises done underwater are easy on the joints, the centre offers a range of therapeutic activities that are done in controlled conditions under water. But the plus point is, you can also avail of the service to  wash away the stress and rejuvenate yourself.

Weekend getaway ideas?

We all know that for some lazy achievers and enthusiastic people alike, heading out of the city from the maddening chaos can be extremely relaxing. So, we’ve sourced out some wellness centres that offer a mix of activities that can boost your wellness – they include yoga, dance, and massages too!

The Ark Wellness Retreat

The Ark Wellness Retreat is a boutique spa that is near Pune. It offers you a world of rejuvenation. You could stroll through their herbal garden or go for a swim or choose to hire a bicycle, choose to go for their outdoor performance theatre or treat yourself to herbal teas. So, if you are looking for a deep sense of peace, tranquility and relaxation, this is your best destination.

Kare Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

Body massages act as life saviours in order to oust the week’s pressure and grant us a chance to savour mental relaxation. But, ditch your routine massages and go for an Ayurvedic massage with cleansing (through Panchakarma) at Kare Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in Mulshi. You will be amazed by the health benefits they provide which include specific health procedures, Iyengar yoga and oomph- factored massages

Atmantan Wellness Resort 

Didn’t we think yoga could be like a drag plan? Not really! Look at how interesting these places can make it. Aqua yoga, yoga retreats and fitness packages are the newest in. Look at Atmantan, a much-awarded wellness centre in Mulshi that offers various packages that start from 3 days onwards. Select a package of your choice to help your body to revitalise literally in the lap of luxury.


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