Meditation: 4 reasons why it will help you treat your anxiety and depression |
Meditation: 4 reasons why it will help you treat your anxiety and depression

Meditation: 4 reasons why it will help you treat your anxiety and depression

9 Apr, 2019

What is the solution for the anxiety and depression that have become common ailments today? Our unhealthy lifestyles and our unending addiction to technology are partly responsible for way these illnesses have spread. It is almost like an epidemic that has overtaken society today. So, the need of the hour is to find solutions that can provide safe and easy relief. Studies have shown that meditation is one of the best ways to treat these psychological ailments.

Popping antibiotics  or even anti-depressants ends up causing more harm for the body than good. That’s why few centuries ago, expert practitioners delved into various studies to identify how meditation could help treat these ailments.

How is meditation your answer to anxiety and depression?

Here are 4 ways how meditation will surely help you to get better, if you are suffering from such ailments:

  • Alters the structure of the brain
    Anxiety actually alters the structure of the brain. It does so by changing the structure of hippocampus (the part of your brain responsible for memory) and also  the shape of amygdala (part of brain responsible for responses of fear). Thus, it alters the very core of your brain.
    Meditation too, can alter the structure of your brain, but in a healthy and positive way!
  • Fills you with ‘happy hormones’
    Anti- depressants have multiple side-effects. This is one reason why psychiatrists suggest that you turn to meditation. Meditation refills your neurotransmitters with serotonin (happy hormone) and norepinephrine in a healthy way.
  • Deactivates brain altering points
    Amygdala is a part of brain that controls or stimulates our responses. When one suffers from an illness like that of anxiety or depression, the structure of the brain and its reflexes change any way. So apart from just helping in getting back the shape naturally, meditation helps in deactivating points in the brain that can stimulate such alterations.
  • Gets rid of negative thoughts
    As humans, we are wired to get fixated on negative thoughts. The scientific reason is that once a thought gets stuck in our heads, our mind produces more thoughts that are similar to the first one. So if I assume I’m bad at singing, my mind will produce all those thoughts that make this belief stronger. This in turn, creates a negative vortex of the brain, which is one of the main symptoms of depression.  With the help of Meditation we can let go of negative thoughts from the brain.


Aishwarya Iyer is a chai-vanist, Murakami fan, considerate companion and a bubbly speaker with a fanaticism for fitness.

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  1. Why no references are given for the source on neuroscience connection and the changes take place in brain following meditation? That would have given some credibility to the article. As it is, the article is overhyped and sounds simplistic. Taylor Tobin’s article on the same issue is already in Flipboard, Ladders, with similar claims.


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