Monsoon: Your perfect guide to take care of your skin, hair and overall health |
Monsoon: Your perfect guide to take care of your skin, hair and overall health

Monsoon: Your perfect guide to take care of your skin, hair and overall health

27 Jun, 2019

Monsoon needs special attention – hair can get frizzy, skin can get dry, and the body can get lethargic. A monsoon guide of some do’s and do not’s that one can take care of to feel great! Without wasting more time, let me get started on it!


# Wash your face more frequently – There is build up of grime and oil that could clog the pores. Usually, I avoid washing my face too often but the rule is opposite in the monsoon. It might go up to 3 times a day so a very gentle and mild face wash is what you should pick. I prefer using a baby face-wash but select whatever suits you that is mild.

# We need a moisturizer in the monsoons – it can feel as though the skin is shiny (but it is actually greasy!!!) and we are losing natural oils. So a water-based one can help to keep it moist. 

#A scrub or mask is recommended – A natural one at home just once a week to fight atmospheric dampness and humidity can be great. Some do a paste of brown sugar and olive oil while others make a mask of sandalwood or gram powder – best way to know what suits you try one every week and see how you feel. This can be a good self-learning experiment as well. 


#Wash hair more frequently – Scalp get itchy and dry and I would recommend washing your hair daily! At least 3 times minimum in a week. 

#Specific hair oil solution – We can make our own mix of oils that is perfect for this season. 1 portion of anti-bacterial neem oil with hydrating oils such as coconut oil and almond oil can avoid dehydration, frizzy hair and split ends.

# Reduce use of a dryer as much as possible to prevent static electricity and damage by excess heating.

# Prevent hair fall – Hair fall is mainly due to scalp being dirty so keeping it clean is super important. Use a scalp specific shampoo that does the job. 


#Vitamin C – Supplements and food are necessary to keep the immunity system strong. 

#Cumin consumption daily – Skin eruptions occur mostly due to toxic accumulation in the body and when the skin comes in contact with microbes in the environment. Cumin contains active components such as thymol, cuminaldehyde, and phosphorous, which have detoxifying properties. Eat cumin daily to rid your body of toxins.

#Bitter gourd juice – A rich source of calcium, manganese, and magnesium, bitter gourd is especially essential during monsoon. Adding it to your diet will improve skin tone and impart a healthy glow. It is also a rich source of vitamin C that protects the cells from damage. Bitter gourd also boosts the production of collagen.

#Drink plenty of water – Keeping ourselves hydrated in this season is essential for skin, hair and overall health. 

The above guide along with home cooked food and holistic lifestyle such as exercising right and keeping our mind positive will compliment this season really well. 

Nipa Asharam is a Thriive-verified, certified health and life coach. Keen to follow a holistic lifestyle which gives your skin a natural glow without stress and tons of maintenance? You can now learn and apply the easy-to-follow secrets to getting a Natural Glow in the comfort of your home.

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