Naturopathy: 6 basic principles to be followed before treatments |
Naturopathy: 6 basic principles to be followed before treatments

Naturopathy: 6 basic principles to be followed before treatments

22 Aug, 2019

Naturopathy is an approach to follow the nature in the purest form and letting the body observe what is wrong, feeling it and then letting it go. Naturopathy uses all-natural techniques to let the body heal on its own from inside including techniques like acupressure, energy healing, food habits, etc.

Even before you start the naturopathic treatment its very important to believe in the whole process and let the energies flow as they are coming to you. In fact, there are 6 basic principles that you should consider before you start the treatment:

  1. Toxins out, positivity inNaturopathy makes sure that the body is cleansed of all the toxins (inside out) and excess of anything and then begins the treatment which gives the body the power it needs to fight anything. For example, when you start a healthy diet you no more crave anything oily or heavy as well. This is also the brain deciding for your health and trying to keep you away from anything that is not right for your body.
  1. Synchronize with nature and let it do its magic: The base of naturopathy is to let nature work out for your body without any intervention from any external treatments or medicines. It makes sure that your bodies ability to recognize good enhances and you benefit from it in mostly making yourself stronger and letting the body fight for your health.
  1. Get to the root of it: In Naturopathy, the physician makes sure that it gets to the root of an ailment or disease instead of treating the outcome. For example, sometimes headaches are a result of stress so they would work on treating the stress and not the headache. The idea is to get to the root of a problem and work the way up to resolve a health issue.
  1. Learn from your doctor: Learn from your physician to follow a good lifestyle that lets you make the right choices even further in life and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. As it is a long process to identify a problem and work backward on it, the patient-doctor relationship plays a very important role in the treatment. You have to trust your doctor with their prescriptions and believe in the process.
  1. Heal the body inside-out: At the bottom of it we are created out of nature and when we find that string that connects us with it, it will always benefit us in one way or the other. Naturopathy makes sure that the whole body gets in sync with nature and learns the process of healing and dealing with this atmosphere. It is a process that heals a person not just the disease hence creating a better core.
  1. Prevention is better than cure: As it is said, prevention is better than cure. A healthy body is always ready to fight against anything. Especially in a world of toxic food, impure air, and contaminated water, you cannot survive without a healthy body and core. Naturopathy makes you stronger from the innermost layers and keeps the healing power up to deal with the impurity all around in all forms.

Naturopathy works magic when it comes to healing a body and makes it synchronize with nature. But yes, it is not as easy as taking a pill, you will have to put the effort into making your body stronger and healthier. No doubt the best medicine still is laughter but you can enhance its effects by eating right, following a right routine and addressing not only your physical problems but also the problems that lie in the innermost layers of you. Address the way you feel because we might not realize it but our bodies react to the energies all around us.

Naturopathy keeps a check on that and helps you build a stronger foundation for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states. So, trust your physician and the process and encounter the magic of nature getting into you and healing. Keep yourself aligned and positive, for there is no problem in this world that can wreck a happy person’s world.

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 

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