No Snooze, Just Reboot To A HEALTHIER You |
No Snooze, Just Reboot To A HEALTHIER You

No Snooze, Just Reboot To A HEALTHIER You

16 Jul, 2019

You wake up in the morning. Quickly grab your phone, switch off that alarm and get to checking Instagram. You see your friend’s wedding pictures, then you see your office colleagues partying on that one Friday night when you were down with seasonal flu. Then there are those smiling and dazzling school friends, then you see actors and their partners whiling away their time romancing on camera, not-to-forget the constant popping messages of faceless people.

You quietly keep your phone away and get going for the day. You start getting ready and sit down to choose what you’ll wear for the day. Suddenly as you pick that white top, you remember that picture when that one colleague was wearing a similar white top. Oh, wait, just wear that Red top and go!



Let’s face it straight- WE LOVE OUR PHONES. In the current time and age, we can’t do much without it. Right from the alarms, we set to the “Good Night Maa” that we send to our mothers- everything is about the phone. But you know where we go wrong? We make it a part of our lives. We stop using it as a device and rather start using it as a real-life human.

Your phone can’t play the role of your emotional balancer. No, that’s not its job. Your phone is just A phone- just another phone which can be replaced on any day. That comes with a sealed disclaimer that it cannot ever replace humans.

But you know the sudden unreasonable low you feel on seeing those Instagram stories? No, I’m not saying we are jealous but simply that you start comparing your life with that of them unconsciously. That’s why we profess digital detox.

What is a digital detox?

Disconnecting from the reel world is actually a step closer to delving deep within yourself. Take this little plunge and keep that gadget out of your mind and sight for a while. There are multiple benefits of undergoing a digital detox but here are 3 of the most fascinating ones:

  1. Improved creativity: Better ideas are a result of improved and enhanced creativity. When your eyes are not fixated to the screen, you are watching out and around for newer details and patterns. These are the seeds of the ideas that will grow up to be massive success stories later. Keep your mind ticking and watch out for those “popping ideas”.
  2. Better relationships: Need we really explain this? You know the thing about digital detox is that it emphasizes on the importance of face-to-face connections. You know exactly how one can emote without emojis and laugh their heart out- that is important. Pro-tip: Go for a detox retreat with your buddies or family! We assure that it will be a cherishable one. 
  3. Enhanced overall health: You know those good old times when you didn’t have gadgets and you solely relied on your interactions and social connections with people around you? (Gosh! that seems like almost 50 years went past by.) Those times were much healthy because when you form social connections- your stress level decreases, the immune system gets a boost, inflammation dissipates and emotions can be handled better. A digital detox can help you in improving your overall health.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, switch off from the reel life to live fully in your real life!


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