Past Life Regression: How to inculcate positive karma in your life? |
Past Life Regression: How to inculcate positive karma in your life?

Past Life Regression: How to inculcate positive karma in your life?

17 May, 2019

Karma is a beguiling word that you may have heard a zillion times in your current lifetime. What you do, comes back to you and that is the power of karma. Not too complicated to understand, right? Sure it is simple. But as you dive deeper to understand the law of karma, you unleash a whole new world in front of you!

What is Karma and how does it interfere in our daily life? 

“Karma is not a punishment, but it is an experience,” says the eminent Wellness and Spiritual Coach Hitesh Vashisht. He explains that we tend to always take karma as a negative element while it is not. Whatever deed you perform- good, bad or ugly, is your karma. And simply so, as you sow, so shall you reap!

Can Negative karma impact your current life?

Yes, yes and yes! So the basic concept of karma revolves around the fact that each of your actions has a reaction that can be positive or negative. So when you keep performing an action that is wrong, it gets accumulated and stored. Not only can it impact your current life but the lives to come. Complicated enough?

Here you go! So, do you feel like a fit of innate anger as you see someone? Has it ever happened that you look at a person and go gaga immediately? Has it ever happened that you see someone and suddenly, your relation clicks? That’s your karma. Whoever you meet now, whether it is a coworker or a regular swiggy delivery guy or a friend- all of them are there for a reason Once the purpose of the person is done, if everything is balanced out- you will part ways according to the law of the universe.

So that means the universe is constantly protecting you. Hitesh adds, “Karma works in a way that when you balance out your actions, and yet the other soul doesn’t stop bothering, angering or simply troubling you, the universe will separate the two souls in its own way.”

How can Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy help you overcome these negative karmas?

PLR can be called the science of the soul which helps us to understand, learn and enjoy life. Therefore, it is quite helpful when it comes to negating the effects of negative karma and overcoming its ill-effects. “When you undergo PLR, you connect to the roots of your soul. Thereby, coming to a state of complete awareness after which, you make better choices. When you make better choices, you alter your future outcomes positively,” added Hitesh.

But here are 5 things that you can do to inculcate positive karma in your life, explains Hitesh:

To forgive: Make yourself free of all the negative weights. Forgive everyone and yourself too. Don’t hold grudges.
To meditate: Meditation is the key to happier living. When you meditate, you let yourself live fully.
To practice patience: This is a must learn in today’s life. Learn to be patient with everyone and with everything that happens around you.
To practice selfless service: This is the key to a lot of positivity in itself!
Acceptance: If there is an underrated emotion in our life, it is acceptance. Acceptance of people, circumstances, life choices or life, in general, is very important for inner peace. Accept what is and how it turned out to be.

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