Past Life Regression Therapy can help cure Hydrophobia, the fear of water! |
Past Life Regression Therapy can help cure Hydrophobia, the fear of water!

Past Life Regression Therapy can help cure Hydrophobia, the fear of water!

27 May, 2019

I want you to close your eyes and imagine, with absolute concentration, that you are standing in front of a body of water—it could be a swimming pool, a river, the sea, or even the ocean.

How do you feel? Does it make you feel happy and calm, and give you an uncontrollable urge to dive right in? Then, hey there, water baby! We hope all your vacations have you lounging in a pool all day long.

Hydrophobia – the fear of water

However, does the thought of water or being inside water make you feel uncomfortable or restless? Is the overriding emotion that of fear? If so, you could be suffering from hydrophobia, the fear of water.

But does this fear of water—hydrophobia —disturb you to the extent that you are forced to let go of your imagination?

If yes, do you know why? A traumatic childhood incident, that involved water, could be the cause of a fear so extreme. Here, we strongly suggest that you seek help by way of therapy to let go of your fear.

But what if there is no reasonable explanation for your fear of water?

Understanding your fear

It is very intriguing that the cause of unexplained fears can be found in a past life. Studies have, in fact, proved that the memories and the traumas, that we carry over from our previous lives, help shape our emotional make up in our present life. Traumatic experiences can transform into unfamiliar and off-the-wall negative thoughts and fears.

In this context, people who fear water in their present life quite possibly had a traumatic incident in any of their past lives which has carried over into the present.

Go back to move ahead in life

Past Life Regression (PLR) is your key if you want to seek answers to questions that lie in a life you have long left behind. PLR is a therapy that uses hypnosis to help you connect with your past life; it energizes your soul to make the journey into your past life.

When you meet a PLR therapist, they first spend time asking what you are expecting from the PLR session. After they get an idea of your present life, which acquaints them with specific patterns in your personality, they start with the regression. You are asked to recline, with your eyes closed. Hypnosis is used to elevate you to a relaxation phase — an altered state of consciousness with intensified focus. Hypnosis helps you access memories of your past with more clarity than otherwise.

Since you are hydrophobic, the dominant theme of your session would involve understanding the context of your fear of water, eventually directing you to loosen the emotional intensity.

We often discount, or don’t understand at all, how our inherent inclinations and experiences shape our physical world. The impact, however, within and across lifetimes is significant in the effect it has.

Fears and phobias often have their roots in our past life traumas. A trained PLR therapist can help us overcome our past patterns and become free from such limiting situations.

If you’re battling any such issues and would like to consult a PLR Therapist, get in touch with Thriive here to connect with a Thriive-verified PLR therapist who is just right for you.


Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.


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