PMS and Periods: A Little TLC Goes a Long Way!  |
PMS and Periods: A Little TLC Goes a Long Way! 

PMS and Periods: A Little TLC Goes a Long Way! 

18 Mar, 2020

A couple of years ago a young boy’s act of keeping sanitary hygiene products for the girls in his class went viral and we lauded his kind and thoughtful gesture. Many boys and men grow up knowing that menstruation is a taboo topic and their view on periods is what is fed to them by their equally ignorant peers. Boys who lack the education or knowledge think of it as a reason to tease girls and men feel that women who are upset with them for their actions might be just PMSing. 

But, there are boys like that kid who grow up to be sensitive men who understands what PMS and periods can be like. They are the ones who try to help. 

Here are 5 real women who talk about how their partners walk the talk. 

Not Sucky, Just Spent 

Calling a woman who is exhausted and possibly in pain cranky or bitchy is like blaming a kid for crying when he falls down. Thankfully, my boyfriend knows not to push my buttons and even though I go through terrible PMS and suffer mood swings, it has never affected our relationship. I realised it is because unlike my previous boyfriend, he doesn’t pile on the stress. I can just be. I used to be irritable earlier because my ex was demanding and exhausting. 

– Nisha Shah, 24, Kolkata 

Nothing Dirty About It! 

We have period sex which is a great pain relief and I don’t get cramps anymore! I love it and my husband does not mind at all. He truly doesn’t think of it as yucky or dirty so it helps. 

– Arpita Shah, 25, Bangalore 

Thanks for the Tender Love & Care (TLC) 

Unlike those lucky women who never even realise they need to change their pad, I suffer from pain and am completely drained on Day 2. Thankfully, my husband works from home and if I need to take the day off, he pampers me. I get foot massages, breakfast in bed and we snuggle with popcorn and watch rom coms. Not all those things, but one or the other. It is not all that bad and just 4-5 times a year on an average. 

– Meera Sharma, 34, Delhi 

No Taboos! 

Thankfully I don’t suffer during periods but am really forgetful and find myself in a sanitary pad crisis. Yes, I am that girl who has to borrow a pad often. So when I am at home, it is my brother who often makes the run to the medical store. He has no qualms about it even though he is four years younger to me. 

– Ananya Iyer, 24, Mumbai 

My Champion For the longest time I was told that I am being a dramebazz and it is only period cramps and that I need to get over it. However, my husband felt that I needed medical attention. He took me to a doctor who told me I had endometriosis. Ever since the diagnosis I have been able to get treatment and the pain is manageable. I wish more women had a supportive partner and didn’t think they have to suffer in silence. 

– Shaina Rana, 30, Mumbai 

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