Pranic Nourishment: The end of physical hunger! |
Pranic Nourishment: The end of physical hunger!

Pranic Nourishment: The end of physical hunger!

16 Aug, 2017

Jasmuheen’s long-term spiritual practice has led to the loss of her physical hunger. Since the last 22 years she has been living on Prana, cosmic chi or solar energy. What is Pranic nourishment and how can it help all souls on Earth to develop unity consciousness? Jasmuheen, from the Embassy of Peace, shares with us her insights on these and other pertinent questions, in her own words.

We are all born to bring certain gifts to each other and so many people have so many fields of expertise. My spiritual practice of meditation has, for over 22 years, led to the loss of my physical hunger. This made me realise that my job was to bring some of the ancient traditions from the East to the West, to educate them about some of the amazing things eastern cultures have already understood.

At the onset of my first experience of Pranic living, I wasn’t looking for this gift or this freedom. It just came as a natural byproduct of my meditative years where there was a deep merging of my personality self with my atman, my true divine nature. We may also call it “monad” or the “I am presence”.

Pranic Living – Merging with our ‘divine nature’

Pranic living is basically being able to be fed by Prana as Cosmic Chi or solar energy. However, there’s often a lot of resistance when something new is introduced to a status quo that has not yet been educated into a reality. For example, Galileo and many others in our world who have challenged regularly our beliefs that the sun revolved around earth rather than the other way round. And as a consequence, many bringers of change were ostracised, ridiculed, criticised, and denigrated. We, however, have to understand that this is about a development of consciousness. And the more we move into the energy of oneness with that pure and perfect part of us (atman), the more miracles we experience in life.

Sun-gazing or Solar-gazing is an ancient tradition rooted in India and I absolutely love this concept. I get up at around 4:30 – 5, every morning, and part of my daily practice is to watch the rising of the sun and take this energy directly into my eyes. It is so nourishing at so many levels. Many people have also said that the practice of solar gazing while substantially decreasing our physical appetite can also heal failing eyesight.

You must be thinking ‘what about non-meditators’?  First thing I advise people is that pranic living does not mean ‘to die’. It’s a natural consequence of coming into a state of divine marriage with your own true and perfect nature. Socrates said, “Man know thyself”. When you know yourself, or parts of yourself, then the merging with that pure and perfect part of yourself allows you to hear its inner voice intuitively. It allows you to know its wisdom. And it will guide you through this. So, you can’t take a person who’s a non-meditator and have them stop taking physical nourishment for the body: they will die. Pranic nourishment isn’t a diet. It’s a consequence of taking the whole system and immersing it into that pure essence or what I call the baseline of creation, and then saturating the system with it. I eat all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and more than most people but I just eat Prana or what some people call the universal life food.

Now, you may think ‘Why should we live on Prana in the first place?’ People already are living on Prana. You couldn’t have a life if you weren’t being nourished by Prana. Prana is the universal life force and it’s flowing through us all the time, just constantly washing through us. But we’ve been mesmerised by living in an external world with limited reality. This applies to an external world where we are always focused on our senses outside of ourselves. However, a lot of people love the pleasure of food. Imagine if we just took physical food for pure pleasure and not because we actually needed it. Imagine if we had just one meal once a month. What effect would this have on global resources? Imagine if everyone could be nourished by this Pranic cosmic micro fuel so that we are always healthy and happy, always at peace, no emotional and mental hungers, and completely free from so many human limitations. That’s what Pranic living is all about.

Pranic children and animals: Being born into the new age of nutrition

You will be surprised to know that there are many Pranic children being born right now in the world, and what we find is they are just a little smaller. These children come into a household with parents who are being nourished purely by Prana. They need to be just honoured and respected and allowed to flow in a way that’s right for them. All of them drink breast milk; all of them tend to like to drink still even though their DNA is different and the way they are made is different. We have methodology now that is testing whether a child is a natural Pranic person or not. But they often make it quite obvious because they are more interested in liquids. They like smoothies instead of large amounts of food. They nibble here and there. They are highly creative and love music, singing, dancing, artistic expression, etc. They are also very empathetic, sensitive, and quite telepathic.

Pranic Nourishment

You may think, if there are Pranic people, what about Pranic animals? I’ve heard stories of Pranic animals who have been indoor animals. They don’t go outside and mix much in the external world and sometimes they don’t do that at all. I think as we have more pure Pranic people in the world in future, we will probably have more Pranic animals as well.

Pranic nourishment isn’t about limited nutrition. This is about limitless nutrition with every vitamin, protein, mineral, carbohydrate, every nutrient you need, flowing through you. So you’re free from the need to take all external vitamin resources and you’re free just to take a little bit of food from time to time just for the pleasure of taste and not because you need it. So people get healthier, with better reproductive systems and they get happier.

Everything is a beautiful opportunity to love. You access life through the eyes of your pure essence nature. You see the beauty of creation. You go beyond individuality. You stop the judgment game of right or wrong path and good or bad energy. You have a completely different perspective because you are existing in the world with a different level of consciousness, with a different awareness. In that reality, there is no need to protect, no need to judge, to compare and to hide from the outside world. For example, I have many friends who had difficulties in accepting the new President of the United States. But every time that person shares something, he triggers this amazing energy of unity around the world as people stand up and decide what is right for them and how they want to operate. So, sometimes we have events in the world that appear to be a certain way but at a bigger level, they are actually doing an incredible service and creating unity and harmony in our world.

Unity consciousness – the harbinger of peace on Earth?

In the next ten years, I see nothing but incredibly fantastic things for humans and the earth herself. The Galactic Core, the great central sun, is transmissioning brand new energies we’ve never experienced on Earth through our physical Sun. As we’ve often shared, at the end of 2012, 95% of people on Planet Earth elected, in their heart of hearts, to live in peace. They may not know how but they’re interested. And so, there’s a huge shift in consciousness. We will be in true unity consciousness, loving, honouring and respecting all the gifts that we carry. We exist in a web of one and this help us in understanding universal law, particularly the law of resonance which says, ‘like attracts like’ and ‘whatever we give out comes back to us.’ All of this may not happen together but we are well on the way. It’s like an unstoppable train.

All I would like say in the end is that just fall in love with the Earth. Fall in love with humanity. Fall in love with yourself because love is the expansion of consciousness. Ask to see evidence of unity consciousness within yourself and within all life and all around your world. And this intelligent quantum awareness will deliver that experience to you. This is Jasmuheen sending you all so much love and light and wishing you a fabulous 2017.

Jasmuheen (President, GFSS) will be speaking on The Science of Unity Consciousness and Life in the Unified Realms on the 2nd October 2017 and on Unity Science Pragmatics & Recoding on 4th October 2017 at The Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences at the Pyramid Valley. To know more and to register for the festival, visit

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