Press Away That Pain: Acupressure For PMSing Woes |
Press Away That Pain: Acupressure For PMSing Woes

Press Away That Pain: Acupressure For PMSing Woes

7 Oct, 2019

Acupressure is one of the ancient forms of treatments found in China. An alternative medicine technique that is on the same lines as that of acupuncture is known as Acupressure. The concept of acupressure is based on the idea that energy flows through “meridians” in the body.

During the treatment process, physical pressure is applied to the acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in those meridians. Acupressure points are certain sites in your body which serve as a trigger point for your treatment. 

A week or two before a woman’s period cycle begins, she goes through a series of physical and emotional changes in her routine which usually varies for each individual. This change is known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Some of the common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, feeling tired, and most often mood changes. These symptoms generally last for around six days, and it may change depending upon the woman’s lifestyle. It is usually linked menstrual cycle. 

In a research conducted by NICM Health Research Institute, evaluated the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture or acupressure for women with PMS. The results suggested that acupressure may improve both physical and psychological symptoms of PMS and given below are important reflexology points to control the effects of PMS with acupressure: 

Points on the Abdomen

One of the treatment points for relieving PMS symptoms is located in the abdomen. It is by stimulating these pressure points, by applying soft pressure with your fingers can help you in relieving menstruation-related discomfort.

– Sea of Energy: It is one of the most important acupressure points for treating PMS. It is located two-finger width below the navel. Stimulation of this point can help you in normalizing irregular periods and menstrual cramps. This point is also known to assist you in relieving digestive disorders such as gas, headache and general weakness.  

– Gate Origin: This point lies on the same line with the point – “Sea of Energy” just with an equidistance of four-finger width. This is supposed to relieve you with the symptoms of menstrual cramps and irregular periods. 

– Mansion Cottage: It is located in the pelvic area, this pressure point when stimulated with palms can help you in relieving painful abdominal cramps and discomfort which is related to menstruation. It is also known to treat infertility in women. 

Points of the Back

These acupressure points not only help in relieving abdominal cramps but also reduces lower back pain. They are located on the back of your body. 

– Womb and Vitals: This pair of points are located right outside the sacrum, which is the bony area, midway between the hipbone and the base of the buttocks. Stimulating this point with fingers can help in relieving cramps, and also urinary problems. 

– Sacral Points: The sacrum is located right at the base of your pelvis. Stimulating this point by applying gentle pressure fingers helps in relieving menstrual cramps, relaxing the uterus and reducing lower back and pelvic pain. 

Points on Arm

One of the most important points of acupressure therapy that is often forgotten is the – Union Valley Point, the stimulation of which helps in treating various health problems.

– Union Valley Point: This point is located near the fleshy joint between the thumb and the index finger on both hands. You can stimulate this point by applying pressure on the fleshy region, which helps in normalizing delayed and irregular periods. It is also known to treat infertility. 

Points of Legs

The pressure points on your legs help in improving blood flow to the lower part of the body, which helps in reducing the bloating as it drives the excess fluid out of the body.

– Three Yin Crossing: Located on the inner side of the leg, three fingers with above the ankle bone, and close to the shinbone. You can stimulate this point with your thumb and fingers as it helps in relieving water retention, bloating, and, abdominal cramps.

– Grandfather Grandson: This is one of the most important acupressure treatment points for PMS. An acupressure point that is located in the arch of the inside of the foot, around a thumb width away from the ball of the foot. 

It is necessary to understand that it is not important to stimulate all the points to reap the benefits of reflexology and acupressure for PMS, but applying pressure only at a few points for 3 to 5 minutes can also do the trick for you.

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