Rebirthing Breathwork therapy can help you stop stress-eating |
Rebirthing Breathwork therapy can help you stop stress-eating

Rebirthing Breathwork therapy can help you stop stress-eating

30 May, 2019

It is a common scene to see an infant crying and the mother not understanding what to do. To stop the baby from crying, she tries to feed breast milk or puts a milk bottle in the mouth. Without trying to ascertain why the child is crying, that the first thing she does on impulse.

Now, how different is that from adults taking something in their mouth to relieve themselves of stress? Of course, now it could be a cigarette or a sweet or anything else which is one’s ‘comfort food’.

This subconscious programming happens at an age where there is no rational thinking. Studies done by psychologists have recognised that our subconscious script is written at a very early age. In fact, our patterns and programming are deeply entrenched by the time we are six years old.

Childhood programming

I would like to share a case study here. A lady client of mine who is overweight and struggles with health issues because of her weight, came to me for help through Rebirthing Breathwork.

During the process, as she connected to a past memory, she remembered herself as a 3-year old when she was taken to pierce her ears. When the silver wire was thrust into the lobe of her ear, she howled in pain. At that moment, her mother put a piece of chocolate in her mouth (obviously thinking of calming or distracting her).

Going back to that time of trauma, through Rebirthing Breathwork, made her recognize the cause of her own subconscious response to stress. She would reach out for sweets, every time she was in a situation of stress. This, of course, sabotaged all her own efforts to lose weight.

Breaking free 

We all value freedom but the truth is that actually none of us are living lives free from our conditionings. This is something we need to work at resolving.

Rebirthing breathwork is a beautiful therapy which helps to bring up & release energetic blocks that have happened in early parts of our lives & even our past lives. Becoming aware of this subconscious programming then helps us to let go of all that’s no longer serving us.


About Dr. Preeti Kohli

Dr. Preeti Kohli was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a very young age. She
has been a consulting homeopathic physician for over 15 years. Her passion for healing
through an understanding of one’s mind-body-spirit has led her to bridge the gap
between medication and meditation. Through her knowledge and practices, she has
healed over a thousand patients. She is also a co-founder of The Aha Movement. We are proud to have her on board as a Thriive-verified Wellness Coach. You can connect with her HERE.

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