Reconsider That Relationship: 3 Things 'Kabir Singh' Got All Wrong |
Reconsider That Relationship: 3 Things ‘Kabir Singh’ Got All Wrong

Reconsider That Relationship: 3 Things ‘Kabir Singh’ Got All Wrong

26 Jun, 2019

I must admit, I am a huge fan of Shahid Kapoor- ever since he appeared as this dutiful boyfriend and extremely sensible lover boy in Vivah. Perhaps, this declaration is to tell you right in the beginning that the post wasn’t written to rant over an actor.

Kabir Singh was everything from chilling cold scenes to bountiful emotions– all clubbed and wrapped in one package, except that it got the fundamental of love all wrong.

Acting, direction, cinematography, and picturization was on-point, but the plot… That’s where it went wrong.

Beyond the misogyny that’s the only crux of the film, here are 3 things that Kabir Singh got all wrong:

1) Drug abuse isn’t a COMMON, innocent solution: Ah, let’s get this right. June 26th is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking- what an irony, eh? Drug abuse cannot, is not and should never be a soothing, innocent solution for your love tragedies. No, we ain’t talking about a 14-year-old who is pushed into addiction, but about a fully grown, equipped man who is high on morphine suddenly after his lover is about to get married. Please, cut the Devdas crap totally now.

2) Marriage isn’t a FIX: For all brothers, your sister isn’t this replacement material here. To tell your heartbroken friend that, “oh, please get married to my sister if it makes you feel better,” is plain nonsense. You get married to your friend if you please, but you don’t decide for your sister (or for any woman!).

3) Physical abuse isn’t an excuse: Well, half the movie is about misogyny and undisplaced anger, so you may be wondering which part am I talking about exactly. But yea, I’m talking about that teeny-weeny scene where Kabir slaps Preeti. Abuse of any kind- mental, physical or sexual isn’t equal to ‘uncontrolled anger’ (How about getting that clueless Kabir Singh to rehab instead of a vacation?). In the film, it is a clear case of abuse that can’t be justified. And for all those whining friends who said, “he got angry and slapped her”, it isn’t a one-off case. If you sit down to dissect his character, it is a flaw that he shows from time to time. Also, beating anyone, cussing anyone isn’t exactly cool, just BTW.

Spoiler alert: If you got out of the theatre thinking this Kabir Loves Preeti And They Live Happily Ever After is going to happen, get real. Obsession is a cycle. It will occur again. And, love is not the same as an obsession. Self-destruction isn’t a norm either, DON’T make it seem like one. So, please don’t create a platform for jilted lovers to go around creating a ruckus in the society!

(PS: For those telling me that “it’s just a film”, please stay away. Remember that films are a reflection of the society we live in, and vice-versa. Moreover, it’s definitely worrisome if an entire generation can’t differentiate between love and obsession. Oh, we totally also remember how many of us went behind Swara Bhaskar to slut-shame her endlessly. Just FYI, that was a movie too!)

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