Regression Therapy, a Wonderful Tool for Healing Grief |
Regression Therapy, a Wonderful Tool for Healing Grief

Regression Therapy, a Wonderful Tool for Healing Grief

8 Dec, 2020

Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s mental and emotional wellness. The therapy can help treat phobias, depression, intimacy issues, and a range of other concerns can see improvement in their state of mind by revisiting and reliving the early experiences that influenced the development of these issues.
Renu (name changed) had visited  Archana Kulkarni, a Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal and Regression Therapist since she had hip pain and because of that, she was not able to perform the daily chores. During the regression session, she visited her past life. In that life, at a very young age, she had lost her husband. She was carrying that grief in her present life which was resulting in aches and pains and problems with her husband. During the session, Archana helped her to tap out the grief. After the session, for a few days, she felt good. But soon after, the grief started showing up. She had intense pain in her legs and she was hospitalised. She also had trouble in breathing, so the doctors had put her on an oxygen mask. The doctors did all the tests but they could not detect the problem. Next day morning, while she was awake, she felt a divine presence who was instructing her to breath in a certain way. She followed the divine guidance and her condition started improving. Later, she was discharged from the hospital. The purging of grief was a result of the regression therapy session.

Relationship with spouse improved

Her relationship with her husband also improved after the trauma of living as a widow in the past life was completely healed. During hospitalisation, her husband stood by her like a rock. Even her friends showered a lot of love for her.

Hypnosis – Clarifying fears and myths

Hypnosis is used by a therapist to induce trance state (light state of sleep) so that the conscious mind can be put aside and the therapist can access the subconscious mind of the client. The therapist needs to access the subconscious mind because the root cause of all problems lies over there.

Myths about Hypnosis

1) Bad memory will be erased permanently.
2) It’s a state like a coma.
3) Therapist will do whatever needs to be done and after that life will change without the client taking any efforts.
4) Therapist will take over the control during hypnosis.
5) Therapist will know all the secrets.
6) Client will have no control over anything during trance.
7) Fear of not remembering after coming out from hypnosis.
A person remains in total control of the situation and if he/ she feels embarrassed to share what he/she is experiencing, he/she can express that to the therapist and is allowed not to share it. In trance state also, the client can decide if he wants to share something or not. No one can forcefully dig information even under hypnosis. So, release your fears about hypnosis and take advantage of this powerful healing modality which can help you resolve many problems of your life.
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