Safe Yoga Poses to do during your periods |
Safe Yoga Poses to do during your periods

Safe Yoga Poses to do during your periods

28 Aug, 2019

When Aunty Flo arrives during that time of the month it becomes a tough ride for many women. Stomach cramps, weakness, mood swings – all the unpleasant feelings in the world drown the female population during their periods. Whether or not women should be exercising during their periods is a great dilemma for many.

Strength training or any energy-draining activity may not be the best alternative, but yoga can help alleviate those period blues. From re-energizing the body, balancing mood swings, yoga can be a boon! 

Baddha Konasana: Also, known as the cobbler’s pose this asana opens up your pelvic region. Most of your poses will be seated during periods because you might feel as if your body is on the heavier side. Sit in this pose for few minutes and close your eyes and gently breathe. 

Bridge Pose: This looks difficult but it is incredibly easy if you are not overweight. This pose opens up your cardiac muscles and stomach region while easing all the muscles and energy blocks in your upper body. If held for a longer time then it will also promote smooth blood circulation towards your head. 

Goddess Pose: This pose is practiced while you lie on your back. When you hold this pose for a longer time, you will notice your muscles in the upper back losing tension. Stretched hands on either side will also help you to open your upper back.

Balasana: The most important benefit of performing a child’s pose is relieving the tension in your upper back. Apart from that it also helps in directing blood circulation towards your head making you feel relaxed as a child. This pose will help you to get rid of the menstrual cramps as it massages your internal organs in the pelvic region.     

Bharadvajasana: This asana is another good way to get rid of the menstrual cramps. For starters who can hold the pose only for a few minutes, will notice a stretch in the back and the hips. If you can hold it for a longer time then you will notice a relaxed feeling in your stomach region as well. 

Inverted leg pose: This is the simplest pose of the lot and helps you to deal with mood swings. It helps in improving circulation, digestion, and calms you down, making it a go-to pose for your mood swings. 

Pranayam: End your session by practicing some breathing exercises. Pranayam not only helps you to inhale more oxygen but will also curb your mood swings. Breathing exercises also promote mindfulness, giving you some much-needed long-term benefits. 

There’s a lot of doubt about exercising during periods. Medical science believes that some activity here and there can help in relieving cramps and restoring the energy levels. Yoga is the best fix not just for all the problems women face during periods but even other menstrual disorders. As yoga eliminates or curbs lifestyle-related ailments menstrual disorders are one of the things that you can cross off your health checklist. 

Even if it’s easier to follow YouTube tutorials to learn yoga, learning from an experienced practitioner is always the best choice. Yoga benefits only when done the right way otherwise it’s not going to show you its miraculous results. 

Spare a dime and learn from experienced yoga gurus. On Thriive, you can find experienced practitioners who will personally guide you to address your specific problems. After all, what better cure than an age-old Vedic practice to eradicate health ailments and to lead you on the path of wellness. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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