Scary Stress: 6 weird ways in which it is affecting you |
Scary Stress: 6 weird ways in which it is affecting you

Scary Stress: 6 weird ways in which it is affecting you

3 Jun, 2019

I must admit that ever since I was a kid, I was a stressed one. Like the millennials may coolly quote, “I’m forever stressed ya.” But it was very recently that I realized that the muscle and joint pain that I experience is because of stress.

Stress is an ugly reality today. Whether you agree or don’t, it is affecting us in various ways. Exhaustion, frustration and pent up anger can spoil our health, however, nothing can ruin your wellness like stress. Each of us keeps cribbing about how stressed we are. Whether it is about career or personal lives, stress and worries are a part of the routine.

What if we told you that stress can cause skin ailments? Or that shoulder pain is because of stress? Will you believe us? Then, you must read about 6 weird ways in which stress is harming you:

  1. Physical joint and muscular pain: Ever experienced those knee-pain or back pain? Always thought it was due to calcium deficiency? May be not. It could be due to STRESS! Stress can cause excruciating pain in your joints and muscles. It can actually cause pain, tightness, muscle spasms as well as soreness in your muscles.
  2. It can throw off your menstrual cycle: Well, well, well… When you are stressed, your body is trying to help you cope with it. However, hormonal imbalance is a sad repercussion of stress. Scientifically, being stressed is making your hypothalamus malfunction. This screws up the functioning of the pituitary gland that wrecks your ovaries.
  3. Can give you terrible headaches: A lot of us experience occasional headaches. But when you are stressed, you will experience a headache, which is basically your body’s way of releasing the tension built-up in your body.
  4. Wrecks your immunity: When you are highly stressed, your immune system goes for a toss. This is why you see those people who are highly stressed, fall sick very often. The resistance to diseases is almost nil in them. Common cold and flu especially is a common feature for those who are stressed (so, watch out!).
  5. It can make you dizzy or jittery: No, we are not making this up! Just like how to stage fear can make you nervous, stress can make you dizzy. It can cause psychological tremor too. This is a result of rising heartbeat, blood flow and gushing processes in your body.
  6. Could make you fat: Stress can lead to over-eating! Yes, stress- eating is a legit term. For most people, stress leads to an immense craving for junk. But for a select few, it causes a total aversion from a healthy diet or even cuts down their appetite.

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