Silky Smooth Skin: Go the Ayurveda way for healthy skin |
Silky Smooth Skin: Go the Ayurveda way for healthy skin

Silky Smooth Skin: Go the Ayurveda way for healthy skin

14 Apr, 2019

Having a healthy skin is everyone’s dream come true. We all want to have a healthy, flawless and glowing skin. That is why skin care regime is very important for each one of us.

Pollution, stress and a bad lifestyle can all play foul in your skincare routine. Ayurveda, a branch of medicine has many natural and homemade tips for a healthier skin. These expert-recommended skincare tips will help you bid adieu to all your skin woes:

Ayurveda tips for skin:

Ayurveda believes that a glowing skin is nothing but a reflection of a good overall health. Therefore, you must start with eating healthy and in this way you will be treating the root of the problem. Here is what you must also do (in no order of preference):

Oil pulling: You may have heard of actors like Shilpa Shetty Kundra and others endorse this method. Oil pulling technique involves squishing oil in your mouth. It sounds a bit icky but few of us know that it is actually very healthy. According to Ayurveda, coconut oil pulling helps in your oral hygiene. It further helps you in cleansing your gums and also aids in detoxification. This is important because stronger gums are related to good heart health.

Choose coconut oil over everything: If when you were a kid and your grandmother told you that coconut oil is your ultimate go-to ingredient, go thank her right away! She may have extolled the virtues of this wonder oil but she had good reason to. Coconut oil is cool in nature, has excellent medicinal properties and guess what, it is not heavy for your body. Apply coconut oil to your hair, nape of your stomach, face and lips to help your skin rejuvenate. Remember, coconut oil is your hair’s best friend.

Use rosewater: According to Ayurvedic texts, rosewater has a lot of benefits. It is not just refreshing but you can also use it as a toner for your skin.

Pro tip: Take a cotton swab and cleanse your face with rose water twice a day. In summers especially, it could help in rejuvenating your skin.

Eat well: There is no escape from this one! You ought to eat a lot of nuts, fruits and veggies that help in promoting a healthy skin, says Ayurveda. You could include cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, dry fruits like nuts, apricots, avocados or even fruits like watermelon or banana. Hydrate yourself well and look at how your skin glows.

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