Sound Healing Therapy - A Game Changer |
Sound Healing Therapy – A Game Changer

Sound Healing Therapy – A Game Changer

26 May, 2018

Madhulika Arya shares with us the many ways in which sound waves or hertz can induce deep healing brain states and jumpstart weak spaces in the mind and body.

A Chinese Opera I attended a few years back revealed to me how powerful sound could be as an emotive tool. The sheer magic of sound vibrations wrapped within the high pitches took me through a whirlpool of emotions: ranging from tears to smiles and into an epiphany of sorts. It made me understand how sound healing therapy can be a game changer.
Sound Therapy may be the latest buzzword in alternative healing, but it goes back thousands of years to when sages optimized their being through the sound frequencies of mantras and ancient instruments. Examples abound: In Latin America, the Icaros or the medicine melodies were a powerful healing modality; Church Bells, Gongs in Temples, Pagodas and Monasteries (e.g. Ogane of Engaku-ji), all helped to connect to the Absolute, centering one’s Being. It also seemed to have the following benefits:

Activating Prana

Sound is a language with a frequency so profound, that it can travel through any medium: it can enter the brain through an external medium and stimulate the Chi/Prana – the life force that keeps us going. Once the Prana is activated, it revitalizes the breath and all organs, normalizing the heartbeat, breath, brain waves, neuron cells, metabolic and hormonal rhythms. While healing, sound also keeps the monkey mind from wavering through all sorts of thoughts and worries.

Unlearning Past Trauma

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In modern times, studies have revealed that 85% of what we learn is through hearing. The medium to unlearn would not be any different. So, sound is an effective way to unlearn from deep conditioning and trauma, the body and soul might have endured over lifetimes. It can heal insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, chronic pain, and much more. With practice, it can also bring about physiological transformation by opening areas of blockage, moving up the energetic planes of the Chakras.

Aiding Awareness

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Sound becomes an experience and the healing process begins when the respondent starts to receive sound rather than merely hear it. It then transforms from entertainment into therapy – from passive reception to a participatory one. With the slowing down of the breath, experiencing the inner stillness of sound manifests into awareness of one’s spiritual essence. When it comes to healing, nothing can beat your own awareness. Sound therapy aids this mindfulness.
Some of the instruments used in sound therapy include the Tibetan bowls, drums and rattles, tuning forks and sound tubes, alchemy bowls, gongs, didges, harps and chimes, among many others.
Finally, it is rightly said that we are born to play out our Karmic debts in this realm. And as we walk along this path, not everyone knows how to heal their physical and emotional wounds. That’s where Thriive can help, by introducing seekers to our verified, world-renowned Sound Therapists – Aurelio, Rivesh Vade, Chintan Dalal– to open your auditory perception and heal forever. Learn more

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