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How an Online Tarot Reading Can Predict Future Health Issues

How an Online Tarot Reading Can Predict Future Health Issues

12 Apr, 2020

What Are Health Tarot Card Readings?
Health Tarot Card Readings anticipate one’s upcoming journey or struggle with regards to their physical state and mental well-being.

Although most health issues manifest stress, anxiety, and disharmony in the physical, mental and emotional body, Tarot Readings help determine these roadblocks and provide solutions to overcome them.
In this article, Shubhaangi, a Tarot Reader and Psychic elaborates more on how online Tarot Card Readings can predict present and future health issues and suggest remedies!

Disclaimer: Online Psychic Readings do not provide a medical diagnosis and are not substitutes for professional medical advice. For serious health problems, please obtain professional advice from your doctor, physician or qualified medical expert.

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Bad Health?

A standard Tarot deck has 78 cards, each with its own imagery and symbolism.

These cards are divided into two categories:
Major Arcana (22)
Minor Arcana (56)

The ones indicating bad health include:

  • The Tower – Represents inflammations, fever, running a high temperature, strokes and the possibility of being hospitalised. Be aware of your blood pressure. This card can also suggest an onset of menopause.
  • The Eight of Cups – Illustrates that you are spending too much time focusing on negativity in your life. As a result, your mental health could be taking a hit. If you are having issues with feelings of anxiety or depression, it is best to get help soon. Meditation, seeing a therapist, and online support groups can help you.
    The Seven of Swords – Represents being conflicted or feelings of anguish caused by your social environment. This may impact your mental well-being, as high anxiety levels can lead to sleepless nights or depression. You may be feeling trapped, knowing that no matter how you act in a given situation, you might end up unhappy.
  • The Fool Card – Represents the likelihood of acquiring severe diseases. The Fool is ruled by Uranus, which controls power plants, technology, and electricity, and warns against health issues resulting from too much radiation.
  • The Magician Card – Depicts excessive thinking, communication, learning difficulties and memory problems. The Magician is ruled by Mercury, which governs the senses, respiration, and warns against breathing issues. The Magician speaks of the mental states and how it affects the body.
  • The High Priestess Card – Reveals health issues involving hormonal imbalances. This card signifies illnesses related to the stomach and lack of nutrition.
  • The Empress Card – Denotes stress and making poor lifestyle choices.
  • The Emperor Card – Reveals it is related to the head, face, blood and muscles. It is advised to start an exercise regime that will get your blood pumping and your muscles moving.
  • Hierophant – Denotes nutritional deficiencies, lack of emotional support and bad medical advice.
  • The Chariot Card – Reveals health issues related to genetics, mouth, womb and breasts—ailments specific to women and motherhood. Since Cancer rules chariot, a water sign suggests problems with food poisoning, food allergies and toxins.
  • The Strength Card – Denotes burnout and an unhealthy lifestyle. Strength rules the core parts of the human body: the heart, back, ribs, spine, and side of the torso.
  • The Hermit – Represents problems with the intestines, lower stomach, gallbladder and spleen.
  • The Wheel of Fortune Card – Governs the liver and its functions. Toxic buildup in the liver can cause skin eruptions, low vitality, poor eyesight and allergies.
  • The Justice Card – Governs organs in our core, the lower back, kidneys, and ovaries.
  • The Devil Card – Represents issues with teeth, bones, joints and knees. Devil also suggests old age, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, ageing skin, broken bones and chronic conditions.
  • The Star Card – Depicts issues with ankles, legs, blood circulation and the nervous system.
  • The Moon Card – Depicts malnutrition, a disorder of the lymph system and sleeping disorders.
  • The Sun Card – Represents eyesight problems, skin cancer, vitamin D deficiency, heart diseases and depression.

What Are the Remedies for Coping With Anticipated Health Issues?

Shubhaangi advised one of her cancer patients to wear an amethyst, which helped the client to a certain extent. She also suggested investing in rose quartz to heal health issues since the root cause of most problems is a lack of self-love and mental peace.

Where Can I Get a Health Tarot Card Reading Online?

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