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Tarot Truths: Is intimacy on your cards right now?

Tarot Truths: Is intimacy on your cards right now?

4 Sep, 2019

If you ask any tarot reader–and believe us, we have asked many–everyone–young, old, rich, or poor, married, unmarried, “it’s complicated”–wants to know about their love and lust lives. Love? Of course, that’s always question number 1…but is soon followed by most popular question no.2 Lust! Or Intimacy…

    “Will I be intimate?”

    “Will it last and be magical?”

    “Can I get away with just a short physical affair?”

    “Oops we got intimate, does it mean more?”

The heart is always wondering! But to still the restless questions, tarot can be the tool! There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, and each card has many meanings. Yet most tarot readers use the deck to guide their already power intuitive skills. “The tarot mirrors your inner energies, most of us already know the answer but our conscious mind blocks it. A skilled reader can unblock the subconscious and pick up on what a person’s inner being truly needs,” says Pinky Daga, Tarot reader.  

Tarot answers best when the questions are clear and specific. “Tarot reading is completely dependent on the questions being asked. Also, every card can have different connotations based on the questions being asked and the person who’s asking it,” says the Thriive-verified Karmic Tarot Card Healer, Nirjara Doshi. But if you’re looking for quick answers on intimacy, here are a few of the cards that will answer things right away!

5 cards that can answer your questions of intimacy:

  1. The Lovers: You might actually think that this is the ultimate relationship card, but you may not be absolutely correct on that one! “Lovers is a card that indicates purity in relationships. It also could mean that you are looking for some soul- searching relationship or pious companionship,” added Nirjara.  
  2. Ace of cups: While you pay close attention, you may find the right kind of love, happiness, and good news. The ace of cups is a phallic card. “Ace of Wands is the card that works best in terms of intimacy in aces. It shows the image that can be interpreted as that of a phallus. So, we may conclude that intimacy during the spring season is mostly possible. Ace of Cups, however, is a phallic card and may indicate sex too,” said Nirjara.
  3. Three of Cups: This card is a perennial favourite. Three is a magical number and so is the card attached to it. Unless you point at Three of Swords, all other cards have a positive indication of love, intimacy, and togetherness. “Three of Cups can be read as lesbian sex or threesome,” explained Nirjara. 
  4. The Devil: The Devil is one of the most celebrated cards too! For one, is its paradoxical message and two is its connotation about lust and love. This card talks more about the rawness of intimacy or something that needs to be changed at the moment. Whether an indicator of one-night stands or wild sex, this card can answer the questions you have so wanted if the questions asked are correct!
  5. The Empress: “The empress indicates an abundance of everything positive around you. Often, an indicator of nurturing relationships or motherhood, this card is a sure sign of love,” said Nirjara. If you are seeking to make the first move in love, the result may be positive! 

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