The Role of Mother Earth |
The Role of Mother Earth

The Role of Mother Earth

British biologist James Lovelock introduced the term, Gaia Hypothesis, putting into scientific language what indigenous people around the world have known all along, that the earth is a living being, designed to maintain  the conditions necessary for sustaining life. Just as we have blood pumping through our arteries, veins and capillaries, earth has her own circulatory system which includes rivers, lakes and oceans. Just as we have lungs that help us breathe, she has her plankton and her forests. She has complex feedback loops that regulate her temperature, the salinity of the oceans, jet streams across the sky, and the balance of nutrients. Mycelium in the root system of trees represent a rudimentary nervous system that links everything together. The waters of the earth function as a memory field.

The soul of Gaia

All living species, as well as inorganic rocks and minerals, have a role in creating and maintaining this balance of life, which extends deep into the interior of the earth, and far out into space. This intricately complex interactive system, including all plants, minerals, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and humans. Just as we have subtle bodies that are invisible to our physical senses, Gaia also has an invisible realm, including nature spirits which were known in older traditions as the devas, the apus, or the sidhe. These have a role in nurturing and supporting the physical development of species. The Soul of Gaia is a field of conscious intelligence that includes all species of life, visible and invisible. It connects the planets, suns, galaxies and life forms across the Universe.

Evolution of mother earth

We are here on this earth, not only for our own personal evolution, but also to support the further evolution of our planet. We are deluded enough to think that our purpose here is simply to muddle through our fragmented lives and endlessly consume resources that mother earth generously provides. We forget that it is Gaia who has given us birth, she who sustains us, and she who can also destroy us, if necessary. Like every species, we are simply passing through for a moment in geological time, and can be replaced, if we no longer serve an evolutionary purpose.

Gaia balancing itself through climate change

I used to worry that humans had the power to destroy the earth. I no longer think so. We are here only because Gaia chooses for us to remain. She has her own immune system, capable of bringing herself back into a state of equilibrium, with or without humans. The cycle of extreme climate changes is a part of restoring the equilibrium of Gaia. If we persist in becoming a cancer on this earth, hellbent on destroying our own home, we will not survive. We are fragile species, not very resilient to the natural forces of change. If we refuse to find our balance, it is not the survival of the earth we need to worry about, but our own. Having said this, is there a positive function that we serve as a species within the body of Gaia? We have been given the power to reason and to become self-reflective. We have the capacity to expand into infinite realms of primordial consciousness. What if we represent the central nervous system of the earth? What if our job is to support a next level of her own awakening? What if Gaia has birthed us, so we can co-create with her, an entirely new phase of conscious evolution? Can we rise to this challenge? The movie Avatar offers a powerful metaphor for the choices that lie in front of us. We have become greedy and arrogant, no longer in touch with the balance of life. Gaia has been patient. Can we redeem ourselves in this clash of opposing paradigms, fulfilling the role that we have been birthed for, or will we also need to be evicted from this beautiful planet?
Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist and author, whose great passion has been to investigate the journey of human evolution in context of long-range cycles of time. He has approached this study through the eyes of shamans, geologists, historians, physicists, prophets and mystics, and come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams.
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