These are the 5 benefits of Whirling Mandala™ which you never expected: By whirling enthusiast Zia Nath |
These are the 5 benefits of Whirling Mandala™ which you never expected: By whirling enthusiast Zia Nath

These are the 5 benefits of Whirling Mandala™ which you never expected: By whirling enthusiast Zia Nath

18 Jan, 2019

Whirling sounds mystical but has a lot of benefits.
Whirling is a great way to explore your soul, embark on a new adventure and stay fit! And the best part, anyone and everyone can do it. We spoke to Sacred Danseuse & Whirling Enthusiast Zia Nath and she tells us why everyone must do the Whirling Mandala™:

Whirling gives Balance

An active dance meditation that explores the intersections of motion and stillness, Whirling Mandala™ brings us deep states of balance, stability, strength and silence within.

Whirling is a Mirror

It is a beautiful mirror to our inner self. It reflects our inner journey, shows us what we are holding within or holding back.

Whirling brings Freedom

As we sustain a continuous whirl, our inner space starts to clarify. The excess baggage of conditioned patterns, emotions, thought processes start to ease off and we experience freedom within the structure.

Whirling is Blissful

It has therapeutic benefits and a beautiful way to bring equilibrium to our nervous system. If we are stressed out and overwhelmed then the whirling can calm our nerves and lighten our spirit. If we are tired and lacking vitality, then this meditation can revitalise our system with a blissful glow.

Whirling is Meditative

Whirling Mandala™ meditation is a bridge to the mystical realms of existence. As we journey along the unknown, unseen path of our inner consciousness, the practice of this work lights up our path, one step at a time, illuminating the profound stillness that holds our inner balance.

About Zia Nath

Self-taught whirler, Zia Nath is also a TedX performer, originated Realms of Dance™ – a showcase of sacred dances of ancient temples of India and Central Asia. Zia has been in the practice of this work for more than two decades, presenting and teaching her dances across the country as well as around the world.

You too can now experience Whirling Mandala ™ at the launch of India’s first and only whirling community in an evening of dance, meditation, music and poetry by Thriive Art & Soul & Zia Nath.

Call 7506424584 / email [email protected] to book your seat NOW!
Date: Friday, 18th Jan, 2019 | Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Imperial Towers, Tardeo | Entry fee: Rs.1799/- (+ GST)

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