These are the most popular alternative therapies people are flocking to and here’s why! |
These are the most popular alternative therapies people are flocking to and here’s why!

These are the most popular alternative therapies people are flocking to and here’s why!

8 Mar, 2019

Alternative therapies have always lent a helping hand to the conventional western medicine. They have been used to not just get over the dreadful after-effects of chemo and radiation sessions but also for relief in cases of mental illnesses and trauma. These therapies are safe to use and with no harmful side-effects. Sound Healing, Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Pranic Healing and Breathwork are finding much favour today.

We spoke to their practitioners to know more about these therapies and why they are so popular:

Sound Healing: The sound of harmony and healing

“Every emotion carries certain sound frequencies. We need to work on our internal sound or Nada to connect with our original frequency. Satvik Sound (Positive Sound Frequencies) works at the cellular level and helps in removing negative emotions from the body.

In Sound Healing therapy, to produce Satvik Sound the person is transported to the theta state of brainwave, a deeper meditative state. Therapeutic sound is produced using Gongs and Crystal Singing bowls. This leads to a unique state of harmony and cures the body of stress.

I have presented research findings on “Sound and Ayurveda for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing” at the International Ayurveda Congress in London in 2017. I have successfully used sound therapy and Spanda Shastra (Vibration Science) in healing and helped millions of people solve major life issues and grow spiritually.”

Rivesh Vade, Nada Yogi, Sound therapist and a recipient of Times Group’s prestigious Speaking Tree award.

Dance Therapy: Bring on the euphoria

“I believe dance is nature, it is Shiva. It is meditative and cosmic. A dancing state of mind is seamless, sensuous, fearless, peaceful, positive and fulfilled.

Dance is a scientific tool to integrate body, mind and spirit and it shows the beauty of our body to us. When you dance, it lets you communicate without the use of words. It builds up euphoria within us and so I use it for depression and other mental illnesses as well as for cases of sexual abuse where negativity has entered deep within the psyche. Dancing is both fun and therapeutic – it helps build cognitive and motor skills –a wonderful medium for children especially to build their kinaesthetic intelligence.

In women, softness and beauty is a creative principle of the Universe which dance enhances. It is a mood-lifter, hormone-balancer. It is the best anti-aging agent, boosts anti-oxidants and flushes out the toxins. Dance to bring beauty, joy and passion into your life.”

Capt. Sumisha Shankar, ex Indian Army, Organic Dance Meditation & Wellness Coach

Art Therapy: A breath of fresh air

“Any and every art form compels you to live in the moment. Unless you are in the “now” and completely focused on the medium of art you cannot create an art form…doing this puts a person in a meditative state. Healing starts only in such meditative states.

Art is one of the most wonderful ways of expressing our innermost emotions, feelings &desires, in the healthiest way. Art helps us connect to the right brain, our abstract side… the side that makes us imaginative and creative.

Accessing this side can help us break out of the barriers of practical life that limits our power of manifestation. This makes us feel limitless and infinite which is the true nature of our being.It also improves creative visualization, which can help us manifest better.

Art is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of hot sun and jam-packed traffic.”

~ Radhika Deshpande, Art Therapist

Pranic Healing: Harness the healer in you

“Pranic Healing (PH) was adapted and systematised from its ancient form by the founder of modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. The principle behind PH is that every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. It includes Exercise and Meditation. It makes use of life forces that are available from the sun, air and ground to heal.

Just like the physical body, the energy body has major, minor and mini chakras which control and energise the internal organs and one’s psychological conditions. It can be viewed and even experienced by us. Pranic healing is a ‘no-touch’ healing method where prana or chi or life energy is channelized to heal the body from the ethereal level which will affect the physical body in return.

During a PH session, the healers pray to the Divine Source before, during and after the healing session, which facilitates the presence of divine energy in healing.”

Kanan Shah, Pranic Healer

Breathwork: Breathe out the resentment

“The first and last breath are the most important moments in a person’s life. It is breath that invigorates us and brings in the ‘Pranic’ energy into us, which is important for our daily functioning as well as healing.

Every human goes through stressful times including birth, which are recorded and encoded in the breath. The effect of these traumas is that we feel like victims and live disconnected from our Divine nature.

In one case, a 30-year-old woman was angry with people from whom she needed help. She felt they were interfering in her affairs. Using breathwork I took her back to the moment of her birth.She was stuck in the birth canal and heard the doctors discussing C-section. The conflict arose because she was determined to push her way into the world all by herself. I guided her to resolve the conflict and once she was free, she lost her anger.”

~ Dr. Preeti Kohli, Breathwork Therapist

Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features.

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