This Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences, learn to up-level your life |
This Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences, learn to up-level your life

This Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences, learn to up-level your life

26 Sep, 2019

Dream Rockwell is a household name in the field of theatre and ascension. She has been called a ‘Visionary Social Engineer’ for pioneering this very popular, unique style of interactive events that birthed out of Lightning in a Bottle 2004. Dream took this concept around the whole world, empowering people along the way, by giving them a new vision for themselves.

She is the founder of the globally renowned Lucent Dossier International and co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle festival, Dream Rockwell has intricately interwoven together the threads of wellness and entertainment to create one-of-a-kind event-experiences.

A much sought-after public speaker, Dream epitomizes the spirit of GFSS with her ability to combine healing therapies with entertainment and her unique untethered performance style & fashion sense, which inspires people to jump out of the box and awaken to their own potential. Her TED talk on bio-hacking and human metamorphosis has inspired thousands. In a personal interview with us, she lets us in her world of wellness!

Question: When did you realize about the right calling for you in life and how did you aim to achieve it?

Answer: That’s a great question. I’d say I’ve been ‘realizing’ my calling over and over. As I expelled and evolve so does my calling. The key for me is to stay open to the changing of the winds in my own heart and the world around me. What is my highest excitement now? What am I so interested in that it gets me out of bed in the morning? And then I follow that. I strive to be in a flow state. 

Q: How has this journey of been for you so far? 

A: The journey so far has been a lot of a lot! It’s been so mystical, magical, filled with strange and interesting adventures, heartbreak, challenges, and triumph. It’s not this or that, it’s this and that. It’s been everything. 

Q: What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: I am excited to share codes of immediate transformation which must begin with first seeing and then releasing the disempowering programming that’s literally ‘running us’ from behind the scenes. We will begin by identifying and deleting old programming, trauma, and shame. So we can step into our true life path, our projected destiny that is always running along beside whatever else we’re doing that might not feel so satisfying. Then we insert new powerful codes and tools for up-leveling your life and unleashing your true superpowers.

Q: How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: I am always a student. Seeking new tools, knowledge, and information to share. Along the way, I have healed myself over and over of my own trauma and dis-empowering programming. More than that, I have met the most incredible humans, shared space with thought leaders, industry leaders, icons, wizards, healers, and incredible humans. What a gift this journey has been. And to think it all started with the need for me to heal my own trauma. Everything is for our benefit. It’s just how we focus the lens. 

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?

A: Once we start on the path of transformation, there is no looking bank, so if someone is reading this article then they are already doing the good work to heal and transform. 

I came to the room to heal the room

I come to the space to heal the space

There is no other reason for me to be here.

I live by these worlds. In my perfect reality, we all do.

Q: Is there any one incident that you would like to share with us?

A: I have been teaching and perfecting these techniques over more than a dozen years, but truthfully my entire life. And what I can say is the number of people who had life-changing experiences from one session have truly exceeded my expectations. I’m not saying that will happen to you, that’s for you to say. But I am saying that we can collapse timelines and create new pathways now. In one moment.
I ask you if a smoker tries to quit smoking for 20 years and one day says NO MORE and quits…. how long did it take for this person to quit? If you saw that it happened in the very instance that person said, NO MORE. You’re right. All change happens in one moment. It’s actually immediate. So what do you want to change?

Q: You wear many hats. Of all the things that you do, what, according to you, is the one most inspiring thing?

A: I have a new project called the Human Ascension Project. It takes everything I do and puts it into one thing. It’s a transformant, it’s edutainment, it’s a ceremony and it’s beautiful. 

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: “Everything is working out, best case scenario.” Use this daily as your mantra, because it’s already true.


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