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Tipping Tuesday: Starting wellness early

Tipping Tuesday: Starting wellness early

30 Jul, 2019

Signing up for a yoga session after a neck spasm and going for therapy after breaking down multiple times – We always treat everything as if a cure is better than prevention. However, we all know innately that some stretching activities before or after work would have prevented neck spasms and back pain in the longer run. We realize it much later that talking to a therapist or a counsellor when started feeling blue more than often would have helped us to maintain stable mental health.

Well, we can’t reverse the clock for ourselves but can surely inculcate wellness early on for our kids. If we teach them about the wellness from a younger age then they will not face grim problems as most people from our generation are facing. Here’s what you must start teaching your kids about wellness:

Spiritual wellness

Now spiritual wellness can sound like a heavy word especially for kids. However, the most important goal of spirituality is to find our individual life purpose and to know who we are. This understanding goes a long way in determining the quality of our lives and our relationships. You can start with small lessons for your kids about mindfulness or teach them by telling stories.

These basic spiritual lessons will go a long way in making them an independent person and will prepare them for necessary self-reflection later in their life. It will also help them to deal with questions that kids are often engulfed with such as why they are different from other kids and why they can’t be good at everything.  

Social wellness

Even though we are social beings most of us lack basic social skills to get along with people around us. Lack of social skills builds insecurity and anxiety in social situations. By learning not only about how to interact with people but also about how to treat them, children will become more confident in social settings. Social skills are one of the most important survival skills that we all must learn.  

Emotional wellness

You must have heard the term emotional intelligence in an organizational setting. However, emotional intelligence and wellness are important in all spheres of our lives. Teach your kids how to manage their own emotions like anger, fear of failure or pride in oneself. After all the wise, always said that the one who knows how to manage one’s mind will live the most peaceful life. Teach them small hacks like being grateful for everything in life in order to feel better and mindful and to get over the feelings of inadequacy. 

Physical wellness

We are all big on physical wellness for our kids. Most parents push their kids to participate in sports and other wellness activities. However, the key here is to learn your child’s wellness language. Not every kid will like to pursue a sport. Some might get into different kind of physical activities such as trekking, dancing or even yoga.

About food, kids can be extremely choosy. However, instead of disciplining them to eat something just tell your kids about good and bad effects of foods. Teach them why nutrition is important for their body. Instead of coercing them into eating healthy influence them to do so. 

Kids imitate adults. They have exceptional observation abilities. Hence, if you want to teach your kids about wellness start by inculcating it in your life first. As our lives get busier it becomes difficult to spend time with everyone, sometimes including your kids. Lead by example and practice what you preach. By studying your lifestyle patterns, your kids will grow to become more responsible for their own well-being. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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