Top 5 signs of Anxiety and therapies that will help |
Top 5 signs of Anxiety and therapies that will help

Top 5 signs of Anxiety and therapies that will help

11 Dec, 2019

That feeling before going on the stage or before appearing for an important exam. Yes, that exact sensation that feels like a mixture of jilted butterflies along with a fully functional soda pub in your body is called anxiety. We all experience anxiety in moderate amounts. This feeling is developed as a survival instinct that makes us more alert and our muscles stronger. We feel anxious when our minds sense danger. Hence, anxiety is our body’s fight or flight response. However, it becomes an issue when the body and the mind perceive every little change in our environment as a probable danger and keeps us constantly on an overdrive mode. Excessive anxiety needs to be treated as it can sometimes hinder our ability to function in our routine lives.  Here are the top 5 signs that may be an indication of acute anxiety disorder. 

  1. Excessive worrying: Worrying is a natural response to stressful situations. However, it becomes a hindrance and a sign of anxiety disorder when worrying is disproportionate to the gravity of events. If you find yourself worrying over trivial things and not being able to quiet your mind then you might be suffering anxiety issues. 
  2. Feeling Agitated: Your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive when you sense danger. This leads to low blood flow to the digestive parts and higher circulation towards limbic muscles. This very peculiar phenomenon is called agitation. Persistent feelings of agitation may be a critical sign of you falling prey to the anxiety disorder. 
  3. Restlessness: One of the first signs of anxiety disorder is when you feel excessively and consistently restless. Do you always find yourself fidgeting and never being able to sit in a calm posture? If yes, then your restlessness might be developing into anxiety.  
  4. Fatigue: The body and mind’s hyper-reaction to everything often leaves people with anxiety disorder, fatigued. Anxious people often experience disturbed sleep patterns causing fatigue and exhaustion. Sore muscles, disrupted cellular activities and a persistent feeling of tiredness is a sign that you are suffering from fatigue.  
  5. Difficulty to concentrate: Working memory helps us to remember and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Anxiety is known to cause impairment in this memory system making it difficult to concentrate and process information at hand. However, this symptom alone is not a piece of strong evidence to detect anxiety as it can arise from other conditions such as attention deficit disorder or depression too. 

Therapies to help you with anxiety

Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is the newest buzzword in the wellness world. This technique is administered by the practitioner with music and all you have to do is lie down. These peculiar meditation sounds and music are known to generate brain waves that help our nervous system to calm down. This meditation works like a therapy that can help you to get rid of several anxiety symptoms such as fatigue, agitation, and restlessness. 


The receptors in the nose send signals to the nervous system which then transfer them to the limbic system, a part of the brain that controls emotions. Therefore, soothing fragrances such as lavender and sandalwood are known to help the nervous system come back to its normal functioning as it is often on an overdrive mode in people facing anxiety. 


This popular energy healing technique is known for its incredible therapeutic effects. As anxiety is a discrepancy in the overall functioning of the body and mind’s reaction to perceived danger, it becomes a hindrance in the energy flow of the body. Reiki fixes the energy flow thereby curing other symptoms of anxiety. 


Acupuncture is based on a similar principle as Reiki and is often recommended as an add on cure along with the above therapies. This therapy involves releasing energy by applying pressure on the points where several nerves are clustered together. Acupuncture is said to benefit to release oxidative stress caused by anxiety. 

Now that you are fairly aware of anxiety disorder help yourself and others around you by passing on this information. In case, you want more information or second opinions, connect with reliable therapists on Thriive anytime!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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