"Trust your body and the signs it gives," says a certified Life & Health Coach and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner Nipa Asharam | Thriive.in
“Trust your body and the signs it gives,” says a certified Life & Health Coach and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner Nipa Asharam

“Trust your body and the signs it gives,” says a certified Life & Health Coach and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner Nipa Asharam

6 Aug, 2019

When you think of beauty, you’re most definitely thinking of a woman with flawless skin, big sparkling eyes, and beautiful long hair. This is quite possible with expensive skincare regime, but what if I told you that you could get all of these by simply being yourself and knowing what you must consume when? You’d like it, right? Oh, we get it!

Therefore, as a part of Thriive Art & Soul’s empowering edition of India’s larger than life “soul festival,” we have loads of surprises lined up for you! Some well-known international speakers include Andrew Cohen, Dr. Laura Hof, Katarina Marinc, Judy Satori, and Jerome Boujon while Indian experts include Nipa Asharam, Rivesh Vade, and Shreyans Daga.

Asharam is a certified Life & Health Coach, TED Speaker and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner who is currently changing lives through her Natural Glow Masterclass.

After a 15-year stint with renowned corporations and multinationals – Ogilvy and Mather, Times Of India and STAR India Pvt. Ltd. -Asharam underwent a ‘360-degree’ transformation. Her strength in understanding human insights and her search for a more meaningful pursuit led her to found Eat.Breathe.Smile.

In an exclusive interview with us, she lets out some interesting secrets!

Question: When did you realize that holistic nutrition was the right calling for you?

Answer: When I was at the peak of my career, but really unhappy in other areas of my life struggling with symptoms like 18 hours migraine, leaky gut, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Q: How has this journey of been for you so far? 

A: It’s like reversing age, reversing mindset, reverse meaning and feeling of true joy and happiness – so I can without a doubt say I have never been better in my life and feel most youthful today. 

Q: What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: Over my years of learning, I have discovered that there are some fabulous, powerful, day-to-day tools that bring a massive impact in one’s life and be life-altering – be it holistic lifestyle, reversing aging, feeling youthful inside-out. These will be some of the things that I’ll discuss in my talk.

Q: How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: I have unlearned several things that conditioning and commercial marketing brought to me: 

  • unlearned how to trust my body and listen to the signs. 
  • questioned everything to form my own definition of peace, happiness, and true health. 
  • found a deep connect mind, body, and soul to simplify things we tend to complicate otherwise. 
  • committed now to learning and growing every single day and sharing my findings with the world. 

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?

A: This will help people in taking baby steps instead of being overwhelmed with so much information out there that will lead them to their next step – the physical signs will be evident that will motivate to move towards a holistic lifestyle. 

Q: Is there any one incident that you would like to share with us?

A: I was highly dependent on makeup as a way to feel good about myself – lines had started forming and insomnia made my eyes puffy and eye bags clear – I was spending a lot of money on invasive, expensive treatments! Even today just thinking about the amount makes me cringe! One fine day, I just gave it up and in turn focussed internally and you won’t believe – eye bags disappeared, lines reduced, my sleep changed and the inside-out effect clearly showed on my skin and hair as well – the body is also more youthful – hormonally balanced! 

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: Trust your body and the signs it gives – age is just a number and you can be as youthful as you would like to be 🙂

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