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Want to fight anti-ageing or enhance beauty? Try facial yoga

Want to fight anti-ageing or enhance beauty? Try facial yoga

25 Jun, 2019

We are not even exaggerating when we say that most of us want a jawline as perfect as that of Malaika Arora. Or that oomph-oozing cheekbone like Kareena Kapoor Khan, or maybe that perfect face that Deepika Padukone has. But do each of us have it? NO. Can each of us have it, YES.

As years pass by, you will be troubled with a lot of ageing marks on your face- whether it is saggy skin or wrinkles, it will all be an ugly reality! That’s why facial yoga or face yoga has gained prominence in recent years. Here are 3 face yoga poses that can help you with almost all your facial woes:

  1. Cheek-it-up: Ever wondered why those people who play saxophone have firm cheeks? Now, this one is very simple. Yes, it is due to this pose from face yoga. Take a deep breath through your mouth, puff the breath from cheek to cheek like a bullfrog. Now release it slowly. This helps in firming your cheeks, prevents your facial skin from becoming thin. Apart from this, it will help in toning your cheek as well as making your facial skin much tighter.
  2. Play with that tongue: You know that sort of thing you are asked to do when you go to a parlour for upper lip threading? For those who don’t know, you are asked to stock your tongue inside your mouth and make a small bump like on the labial line. Do this in the anti-clockwise and clockwise position five times each. You will see that your smile lines are smoother now!
  3. Buddha face: Everything that comes down to its purest, natural state is the best. This is the easiest pose to emulate. Just imagine yourself saying an ‘OM’  and just calm down. This helps in soothing your face muscles- that help in overall enhancing of your face.

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