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We can’t get Robin Williams back but these 4 alternative therapies can help to treat Depression! Reach out!

We can’t get Robin Williams back but these 4 alternative therapies can help to treat Depression! Reach out!

20 Jul, 2018

He made us laugh and we smiled every time we saw him on the screen. He brought that ray of sunshine into our lives with each and every role he played on screen.

Yes, Robin Williams had that genius power within him. Today he would have been 67 years old.

The recently released documentary about him, Come Inside My Mind, makes it pretty plain that he was an infinitely gifted artist and an immensely generous person.

Our tears well up for a life that still had so much joy to give the world but behind the scenes battled unknowable sadness. As Robin Williams himself said at one point, “Every person is driven by some deep, deep, deep, deep secret.”

It’s not as if Williams was silent about his own struggles with addiction and even Depression.

In fact, he’s quoted to have said, “If you’re that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

It is not possible for those who haven’t experienced Depression to completely understand what it does to the one suffering from it. But one can always reach out to lend a supporting shoulder to the one who is depressed. Don’t wait for them to ask, perhaps they are just not capable of asking.

For those seeking a cure for themselves or for people they know, alternative therapies provide solutions that can give long-term relief and are safe to use.

Here are 4 therapies that can help in treating Depression:

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy (NLP) describes the dynamic between neuro, which is mind, and linguistic which is language and how their conjunction affects one’s body and behavior. NLP believes that language can create certain neurological patterns. The therapist can be effective without even knowing the problem in detail. This typically resolves issues in several brief sessions and tends to be pretty quick with results.

2. Emotional Freedom Technique originated from the ancient Chinese study of Chi and the paths of energy flow. It helps to transform physical or emotional issues by tapping on the meridian points with fingertips along with a specific affirmation. It relaxes the mind and balances the body.

3. Sound Healing is finding much popularity as an alternative therapy for many kinds of illnesses. It works by inducing deep healing brain states that attune the body to press the “Restart”button. Frequencies of waves from gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks can find and focus energy on weak areas of the body or mind. The rich, pure, vibrancy of tone helps the listener to relax and achieve deep states of well-being and clarity.

4. Life Coaching changes the way one operates at a deeper level. It does not stop at just examining behaviours, habits, and goals. Life coaching facilitates the person to delve into their deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns. It also helps to connect them with their supreme power (Core of Existence) within. This enables them to become aware of their resourcefulness and to be their ‘authentic self’.

If you feel you are dealing with Depression and seeking alternative treatments, get in touch with us so we can connect you to the therapies and practitioners that are right for you: http://beta.thriive.in/thriive-seeker

Let Depression no longer be the reason to lose our loved ones.

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