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Wellness Vacation: 3 budget-friendly wellness breaks 

Wellness Vacation: 3 budget-friendly wellness breaks 

9 Dec, 2019

The wellness industry is booming in India today. Unfortunately, so are the prices. If you are like me, a complete sucker for all things wellness then it’s quite likely that you have all the top wellness retreats bookmarked as favorites. But, if you’re on a budget then those retreats seem like they’re only going to happen in your dreams.  

Wait. Don’t give up on your dreams so quickly. We did a little hunting and found 3 getaways where you can get a break from the monotony of life, and indulge those wellness wishes.  These destinations are incredibly peaceful to practice meditation, yoga or any other wellness activities. Check them out and plan your wellness retreat all by yourself:


Known as silent Goa or untouched Goa, this place is surrounded by beautiful and serene beaches. There are many yoga retreats taking place here. However, don’t be hesitant to venture out as a lone wolf on the beaches of Gokarna and practice yoga. The beaches are never too crowded and are also a great place to meditate on the sounds of waves, early in the morning. Take a stroll on gorgeous beaches and plug in some soulful songs to clear your mental space of the chaos of city life. There are home-food services that will host you for a hearty serving home-cooked meal at reasonable prices. While there are many swanky resorts and hotels at this silent Goa, the homestays are the most reasonable options. Starting from Rs. 700 a day going up to Rs. 2000 Gokarna is not only untouched but also much cheaper than any such getaways. Why do you need a retreat centre when you can plan all the wellness activities all by yourself?


Andharban trek is always talked about by all the adventure lovers who love tying up their shoes for a nail-biting trek. However, why should we limit the treasures of Western Ghats just to adrenaline junkies? The Andharban trail is lined with dense trees and the view from the top is heavenly with greenery and clouds. Trek to this mountain, to get a slice of Western Ghats and meditate amidst the sounds of nature. The best part is that it is located incredibly close to Mumbai and Pune. Hence, travel arrangements won’t be a problem. 

Village Tourism – Eco-village

If your idea of wellness is getting away from the click-clacks of the keyboard and the coffee machine conversations then you will love your visit to Eco-village. This property is located near Palghar and is very close to Mumbai. You can also attend Satsang or group meditations at this Eco-village. 

At just Rs. 750 a day, this Eco-village provides brunch and dinner along with a sightseeing tour to see Goshala, Rainwater harvesting ponds, water recharge zone, animal shelter, green building, organic farms, waste management (SBT, pyrolysis), biogas plant, solar plant, Vrindavan biodiversity garden, 7 temples, and Yamuna river. A one-day retreat that costs under Rs. 1000 is a steal deal even for the ones who are broke. Who said wellness retreats cost you a bomb? Come here and spend a dime to get such a refreshing experience, just a few kilometers from the city. 

It’s good to hear the birds chirping instead of the regular coffee machine sound and always nice bask in nature instead of city lights. Our busy lives seldom give us a chance to unplug from our routine. 

However, with these accessible and reasonable getaways, it won’t take much to seek wellness after all. The need for wellness getaways is increasing with an increase in the rapid pace of our lives. Staying in nature and practicing wellness activities is said to fix cardiac rhythms, sleep patterns and even anxiety. So, if wellness is your mantra take advantage of these budget-friendly options!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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