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What are the 3As of spirituality that often gets missed out?

What are the 3As of spirituality that often gets missed out?

9 Dec, 2019

Some argue that spirituality is becoming another religion and others argue that it is a fad as people love to tell that they are in a spiritual journey. All of this can be true and none of it can be – completely based on your journey and your relationship with spirituality. 

However, I will not deny that I do see it misunderstood and completely lopsided as well. I see people become insecure and try to be someone they are not because they feel spirituality means one has to be perpetually calm and positive. 

They get so caught up in the image that they forget the 3A’s of spirituality is the foundation of this journey. I was hesitant to discuss this as I feel this is one’s own journey but the expression on this subject has become important so that people reflect on their journey and align themselves. 

First A: Authenticity

Authenticity demands us to feel all emotions and be human. It is our truth and this truth isn’t asking us to not cry or be angry or be upset. We look at people who are perpetually calm and think oh! that is spirituality – well they might be calm but that doesn’t make someone else who cries through a healing phase, not spiritual isn’t it? Having the courage to be who we are is the first step in this journey. 

Second A: Acceptance

How far are we allowing ourselves to accept our complete awareness? We love telling narratives that take acceptance away and responsibility away so that we do not have to work on it. If we are on a spiritual journey, we need to know that we create every situation and something within us is a big factor. If we do this we will take responsibility versus preaching and fixing others. 

Third A: Action

We want to feel and we want to observe the world but we do not want to take action. Without action there is no journey, there is no growth, there is no evolution – period! Without action, we have no authority to even say that we are in this journey honestly. Action makes us change things within us and around us. Action makes us take charge. Action is the only way we are moving forward. Action makes us responsible for all our karma

So when you take these 3A’s together, in the real world you are living a spiritual life. This energy is clear and distinct. It inspires without having to say anything but just observing the person. They do not find the need to prove themselves as they are doing it every single day for themselves you see.

Spiritual journeys are beautiful – the process is nothing less than magic if we are authentic, accepting and action-oriented.

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