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What are the root causes of migraine?

What are the root causes of migraine?

28 Nov, 2019

If you ever have a severe, and painful headache without any prior symptoms – it is recommended that you visit a doctor. A recurring condition of this nature can be classified as Migraine Headaches. It is a neurological condition that can cause multiple symptoms. They may or may not be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs. The symptoms of these intense headaches include nausea, vomiting, numbness, and also sensitivity to light and sound. This condition is often run in families and affects people of all ages.

For anyone who has experienced a migraine knows that they’re painful. They are also a bit of mystery. Several researchers have identified potential causes. But they don’t have a definitive explanation. Some of the common causes identified are: 

  • Pre-existing Central Nervous Disorder.
  • Irregularities in the Brain’s Blood Vessel System.
  • A Genetic Condition.
  • Abnormalities of Brain Chemicals and Nerve Pathways.

It is important to understand the triggers which cause Migraine Headaches. There are no definitive causes that scientists have discovered. These triggers vary from person to person. It’s common for people to have more than one migraine triggers. Some of the common triggers revolve around your lifestyle and your diet. 

  1. Diet Triggers: There are several factors under your diet which may serve as a trigger for your migraine. Cheese and Salami may cause migraine headaches because of their food features. Some of the highly processed foods can also trigger a migraine.
    The most popular preservative component MSG and some of the known artificial sweeteners, such aspartame are also known to cause migraine headaches. Regular consumption of Alcohol and Caffeine may also cause these headaches. If you already have a history of Migraines, you shouldn’t skip meals without your doctor’s supervision.
  1. Lifestyle Triggers: Most of us who are employed have to travel and suffer from long hours of work every day. Not finding a middle ground, and not having a good work-life balance can cause mental stress. Sometimes the physical and mental stress can cause these headaches. Your routine sleep should be your routine. If you’re having trouble adjusting your body clock – the lack or excessive sleep is also likely to cause a headache.
  1. External Triggers: For some people, the bright lights, loud noises, or strong smells, are likely to set off a migraine headache. This is one of the sensory stimulation that causes migraine headaches. It is important to understand that climate change is real. The frequent shifts in the weather conditions may trigger a migraine.
  1. Internal Triggers: Many women have reported having a migraine headache right before or even during their periods. These hormonal shifts are a common trigger for women. In research, it was also found that women during pregnancy and menopause have reported migraines because of the change in estrogen levels. The medications which are prescribed for birth control pills can sometimes trigger or worsen a migraine. Other medications such as nitroglycerin are also known to cause migraines.

There is no scientific proof that these are the only migraine triggers that develop this headache. Some people are usually more susceptible to them than others. Some of the other factors which may worsen the migraine headaches are in co-relation to these triggers. These include age, gender, and history of their families with migraines.

If you observe your headaches to be recurring in nature, and them getting worse with every day, make an appointment with your doctor. They can diagnose your underlying condition, and prescribe treatments. Your doctor can also assist you in determining what lifestyle changes you need to adopt to feel better.

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